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Holidays 2023. Hotels, accommodation – attendance. The tourism industry concludes

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The winter holidays in 2023 turned out to be much better in terms of attendance than the Podhale tourism industry had previously expected. The last stay was the most crowded, when, among others, students from Warsaw had free time.

– To our surprise, the demand for holidays in the Tatra Mountains was much higher than we expected in November. It should be noted, however, that the turnout was different in individual tournaments. The first week (holidays – ed.), which started in mid-January, was in full swing because there was still little snow. Later, heavy snowfall and sunny weather attracted real crowds to the Tatra Mountains. The most crowded holiday was the first week of Mazovian holidays – said Karol Wagner from the Tatra Chamber of Commerce.

Holidays 2023 – the tourism industry sums up

During the last stay of the winter holidays, hotels near the Tatras had the highest occupancy, reaching even 100 percent. In addition, quarters in towns near Zakopane – in Poronin, Biały Dunajec and Ząb – were also filled.

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Back in November, entrepreneurs from the tourism industry in Podhale were afraid of a drastic increase energy prices and no fuel. Some of them even considered closing their business for the winter.

– Entrepreneurs from Podhale took the costs of business risk and the facilities were ready, warm and fully equipped for the holidays, and most of the facilities were open. We were worried about demand, i.e. whether guests would come to us at all due to rising prices and growth inflation and uncertain geopolitical situation. Taking into account that the willingness to spend money will be lower, and additionally there will be an inflation barrier, this raised concerns among hoteliers. It turned out that this was not an obstacle for the guests and Poles came to the Tatra Mountains en masse – summed up Wagner.

Attendance and earnings of the tourist industry

According to information from hoteliers near the Tatra Mountains, guests were more likely to choose shorter stays, for example for three or four days. They less often decided to stay for a week. Restaurateurs, on the other hand, report that there has been a decrease in revenue per table, despite the increase in the price list.

– The fact that queues formed in front of some restaurants on Krupówki does not yet prove the high profitability of the premises. Revenue will be known after the season, after adding up all costs, including heating and staff costs. I suppose that despite the increase in turnover, the final earnings of restaurateurs will be lower than during the holidays before the pandemic – assessed Wagner.

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