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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Holidays 2023. Inexpensive, picturesque and “seriously underestimated” cities by tourists

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They are “seriously underestimated”, but there is no shortage of monuments and a cultural offer comparable to those found in the most popular places visited by crowds of tourists. The Euronews portal, referring to the opinions of travelers, has created a list of less crowded European cities that are worth visiting.

The list, based on the opinions of Reddit users, opens Ljubljana. Capital Slovenia is “scenic, inexpensive and small enough to explore on foot,” one user pointed out. Another praised the city’s cultural and gastronomic offerings. Ljubljana also scores positively for its proximity to “spectacular natural attractions” such as Lake Bled or Triglav – the highest peak of the Julian Alps.

Ljubljana, the capital of SloveniaShutterstock

‘Seriously underrated’ European cities

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Ljubljana is not the only “severely underrated” European capital on the list. It was also in it Vilnius, positively assessed due to “friendly inhabitants and plenty of attractions”, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old Town with the extensive Cathedral Square, views from Gediminas’ Tower, the so-called The Republic of U┼żupis with numerous artists’ studios, or the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights in the former KGB prison.


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On the other hand, Bulgarian Plovdiv won the sympathy of visitors, among others, with its “ancient past” (it was inhabited before the first millennium BC – ed.) and numerous parks and cafes. Tourists will find various archaeological sites here, as well as an ancient amphitheater from the 2nd century, where performances are still held today. Moreover, as noted by Euronews, other important centers are easily accessible from the city Bulgariaincluding Sofia and Varna.

Portorated by Reddit users as often overlooked in favor of Lisbon, Euronews describes as a “quieter alternative” to the capital Portugal. The city receives positive reviews not only because of the smaller number of tourists compared to Lisbon, but also because of its historical monuments, hillside and riverside location, lower number of tourists compared to the Portuguese capital and the ease with which it can be explored on foot. “We went there mainly to do a tour of the Douro Valley, but the city itself was great,” one user wrote.

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“Northern Italy’s gem” among “underrated” cities

Strasbourg, “despite being the seat of the European Parliament, it is often avoided by travelers”. Meanwhile, visitors praise the city in the Northeast France for a “mix of German and French influences”, which are visible, among others, in the local architecture, and a rich gastronomic offer. Many Alsatian vineyards can be visited in the area.

Italy is also on the list of underestimated cities Turin. While there is no shortage of famous cities on the Italian peninsula, “none is as underrated as Turin,” according to Reddit users quoted by Euronews. Why do they value the metropolis “less visited than Milan and other more famous cities”? For proximity to the Alps, cuisine that is “a perfect mix of French and Italian cuisine”, “amazing nightlife” and museums. The diverse cultural offer is supposed to increase the attractiveness of this ‘northern jewel’ Italian“, says the portal.

Saint-Guillaume Church in Strasbourggivaga/Shutterstock

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