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Holidays 2023. Poles most often visit Turkey, Greece and Egypt

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Poles’ favorite holiday destinations include: Turkey, Greece and Egypt – according to the report “Foreign holidays of Poles 2023” by the Polish Chamber of Tourism. The peak season for Polish tourist trips – according to the report – falls in July and August.

As stated in the report, this year showed that the tourism market is developing, new organizers are appearing and the offer is expanding. It was assessed that the next season 2023/2024 looks equally, if not more, promising.

Most popular regions and countries

The report indicates that Poles’ favorite holiday destinations include: Türkiye (35.8 percent), Greece (18.5 percent), Egypt (10.8 percent), Bulgaria (8.4 percent), Tunisia (6.8%) and Spain (5.0%).

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“Considering the popularity of Turkey as a destination, it is not surprising that the Turkish Riviera is in first place among the regions. The Greek islands also enjoy constant interest,” the report indicates.

The most popular tourist regions included: Turkish Riviera (29.4%), Hurghada (6.3%), Sunny Beach (6.2%), Crete (5.7%), Aegean Riviera (5.0%). percent) and Rhodes (3.7 percent).

“The data from multiagents shows that the cost of booking in 2023 was PLN 8,721 (an increase of PLN 545), while the cost of a single event was PLN 3,291 (an increase of PLN 379), which gives an increase of 12.7 percent.” – informed.

However, it was noted that the number of reservations is not lower than a year ago and is higher than in 2019, i.e. before the pandemic. The average number of people per reservation – it was noted – returned to the level from 2021 and amounted to 2.65 (last year it was 2.8).

Peak season

The peak season for Poles’ tourist trips – according to the report – falls in July and August, which in total constitute 57.4%. trips, although it was noted that the data did not include reservations made in the last week of August and September.

“The high level of reservations for September (at this stage) is noteworthy – nearly 18 percent, which is due to the fact that the prices of September offers are more attractive. This is an increase of almost 3 percentage points compared to 2022,” it was stated.

It was noted that the data was not complete, “as the report covers reservations made until August 21 this year, so the September result will certainly improve.”

According to the study, almost 78% of people chose 4- and 5-star hotels this year. clients of travel agencies, which means a slight decrease compared to last year, when this percentage reached almost 80%. “However, the number of tourists choosing the all-inclusive option increased (by almost 3 percentage points) – 86.97% compared to 84% last year,” it was noted.

According to the report, 96.8 percent clients of travel agencies decided to travel by plane (an increase of almost 1.5 pp. y/y). Bus trips this year did not exceed 1%, which is the lowest result in the post-pandemic period – it was summarized.

The sixth edition of the report

“Poles’ Foreign Holidays 2023” is the sixth edition of the report summarizing organized tourist trips of Poles in the summer season. The data concerns organized tourism – trips carried out by travel agencies, booked through multi-agents operating on the market: Wakacje.pl, Travelplanet.pl and Fly.pl. No however, they cover the entire tourism market, including individual tourism.

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