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Holidays 2023. Police map of fatal accidents

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Every day, policemen put new points on the map, which for the fifth time is to remind you that tragedies regularly occur on the roads during the holidays. By Tuesday, places where 19 people had already died were marked, although the holidays have only lasted since Saturday. – I wish it were different, but it’s hard to have illusions. By the end of August, the map will be blackened with tragedy – says inspector Mariusz Ciarka from the Police Headquarters.

These were the first hours of vacation. Before 2 am, a 20-year-old driver was killed on a provincial road near Zakrzewo (Mazowieckie Voivodeship). His car went off the road and overturned.

Shortly afterwards, on the road between Wałcz and Czaplinek (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), a head-on collision between a truck and a passenger car takes place, in which a man dies. Children traveling with him end up in hospitals.

At a similar time, a 45-year-old woman loses her life when she leaves the road subordinated to a truck. The tragedy takes place in Ozorków (Łódź Voivodeship).

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The fourth victim on the first day of vacation is an 87-year-old cyclist who dies in Kraśnik (Lubelskie Voivodeship) in a head-on collision with a scooter.

On the second day, there are already six victims. IN Two people die in Dęborzyce (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship).. Tragedies also occur in Drawsko Pomorskie, Mikanów (Mazowieckie Voivodeship), Wierzchosławice (Lower Silesian Voivodeship) and Czaplinek (Mazowieckie Voivodeship).

Day third. Subsequent accidents: Pomeranian, Pomeranianmazowieckie, mazowieckie, lubelskie, SubcarpathianLesser Poland, Silesia, Lodz.

rooms. A motorcyclist dies after driving down a slope and hitting a treeKPP in Brzozów


“The number of tragedies that occur every day makes us tend to treat them as if they were emotionless statistics. And after all, behind every road tragedy there is the horror of whole families – says inspector Mariusz Ciarka from the Police Headquarters.

To remind you that there are dramas around us, the police are leading for the fifth time holiday accident map with fatal outcome. It is supposed to make road users aware that the tragedies they hear about in the media are not abstract, but take place nearby and can happen to anyone.

Fatal road accidents, as of June 27police.pl

– Last year, we had to mark a total of 375 places on the map. Each of these points represents an accident in which someone died. These are drivers and their passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians killed on pavements and pedestrian crossings – says Ciarka.

To date (Tuesday, June 27), there are already 19 victims.

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Watch and remember

This year’s map is displayed on over 20,000. screens located in 553 cities. They can be seen, among others, at the main communication routes, stations, gas stations and shopping centers.

– We want to draw attention to the scale of tragedies that occur on Polish roads. We want to make road users reflect and encourage discussion on road safety – emphasizes Ciarka.

The spokesman for the chief commander emphasizes that last year the three most dangerous months on the roads were June, July and August.

Road accidents and their effects by monthsPolice Headquarters

– We cannot be indifferent to the fact that statistically the worst on the roads is when the weather conditions are the best – says Ciarka.

Holiday wave

Arkadiusz Kuzio, director of the Academy of Road Safety in Szczecin and a forensic expert in the field of road safety, emphasizes that the holiday season of accidents has been observed in the industry for years.

– Let’s be honest. In cities there is less traffic, weather conditions are often optimal. Only the glaring sun can disturb drivers. We might expect that there should be fewer tragedies during the holidays than during the rest of the year. However, it is the other way around, in the industry we are talking about a holiday wave of accidents – admits the expert.

Accident on the A1 motorway near Piotrków Trybunalski

Accident on the A1 motorway near Piotrków TrybunalskiKM PSP Piotrków Trybunalski

What does it result from? Kuzio points out that – in addition to the traditional cause of road tragedies, i.e. speed – an important cause is fatigue. – We plan a trip, insert the route into the navigation and set ourselves that we will cover the route in the indicated time. We often drive for many hours just to keep to the schedule that we have imposed on ourselves – he describes.

He emphasizes that the situation is being improved by the increasingly dense network of expressways in Poland. – There are fewer accidents there. As in the lens, however, it can be seen that the problem of fatigue and lack of attention takes a deadly toll. The most common cause there is hitting a vehicle in the emergency lane – he points out.

The interlocutor of tvn24.pl points out that the number of accidents involving very young people who return from meetings, parties and concerts in the morning increases.

– This is also a very serious problem. Young people get behind the wheel after a sleepless night, often after psychoactive substances. This is how an explosive mixture is created, which ends the lives of many people – concludes the expert.

Adrenaline and golden hour

On last year’s map of fatal accidents, a point near Skierniewice in the Łódź Voivodeship is marked. A 57-year-old man died there. The delivery truck he was driving with his 30-year-old son to get wood caught the right wheel on the shoulder when his son veered off the road to pass an oncoming truck. The car skidded and began to pull to the left. The driver countered with the steering wheel, the car returned to the right track only for a moment, and in a moment it skidded again – this time to the right. Before he could react, the car slammed into a tree.

The 57-year-old seemed to be in better shape than his son after the accident. He got out of the car and talked to the drivers who had stopped by the smoking wreck. When the driver, trapped inside, told about the burning pain caused by a ruptured collarbone, his father efficiently organized help. After a few minutes he lost consciousness and never regained it.

– During a car accident, a huge amount of adrenaline is released in the body. Man is ready to run or fight, it’s programmed in us by evolution. We can function for some time despite fractures and other serious injuries – says doctor Bartosz Rykaczewski, a specialist in neurosurgery and emergency medicine.

About people like the 57-year-old who died near Skierniewice, doctors say that they are “walking, talking and dying” patients. – Internal bleeding may occur as a result of an accident. If a patient loses 500 milliliters of blood, they will feel slightly worse, but may still act as if nothing is wrong. Another 500 milliliters and the symptoms worsen. With each moment, the chance of rescue decreases. The only rescue is a blood transfusion and quick surgery, preferably within an hour of the event. Hence, it is called the golden hour – concludes Dr. Rykaczewski.

Using roads in Poland, we put our lives at risk three times more than in Switzerland, Norway or Sweden. Such a disturbing conclusion emerges from the data for 2019 published by Eurostat. On average, 77 people per million Poles die on the roads. In Switzerland, the victims are on average 22, the same in Sweden, and in Norway – 20.

Main photo source: TVN24

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