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Holidays 2023 – Spain. Severe fines for non-compliance with beach rules

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Failure to comply with general and local beach use regulations often carries heavy fines. Spanish media list the offenses most often committed by tourists in the summer, such as swimming in the sea with a red flag, which is punishable by a fine of 100 to 3 thousand euros (from almost 450 to over 13 thousand zlotys).

Many beaches in Barcelona, ​​Andalusia, Cantabria, Valencia and the Canary Islands are non-smoking; for non-compliance there is a fine of 30 to 450 euros.

Prohibitions on Spanish beaches

It is also not allowed to take a place on the beach by spreading an umbrella or leaving things while the sunbather is absent, on the well-known Cullera beach in Valencia, there is a fine of up to 3,000. euro.

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It is worth finding out if you can take your dog to the beach, which is regulated by regional governments and municipal offices. In this case, the fine may range from 90 to 1500 euros.

Most often, camping on beaches is prohibited under a penalty of 40 to 150 euros for each illegally occupied square meter. In Murcia, the fine can be as high as 1,500 euros. You can pay up to 3,000 for doing a barbecue on the beach without a permit. euro.

Severe penalties for music and gaming

Playing football or badminton on a crowded beach or drinking alcohol in a group can cost from £1,000 to £1,000. up to 3 thousand euro.

Another prohibition concerns the use of shampoo and gel in the beach showers. In this case, the fine may be 750 euros. It is not allowed to make noise or play music above 45 decibels with a penalty of up to 700 euros. In Vigo, it is forbidden to defecate in the sea or on the beach; for peeing in the water you can pay 750 euros. This is the most debatable prohibition, as many ask how this offense can be proven.

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