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Holidays 2023. Speed ​​cameras in Poland – the speed camera from Poznań hunted the most drivers, GITD data

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From the beginning of summer holidays to the end of July, speed cameras and sectional speed measurements recorded over 122,000 cases of exceeding the speed limit in Poland. This is according to the data of the General Inspectorate of Road Transport. The most violations were recorded by the speed camera in Poznań.

GITD data refer to the period from June 24 to the end of July. – During this period, 64.3 thousand violations were revealed with the use of speed cameras – explained Monika Niżniak, press secretary of the General Inspectorate of Road Transport.

– On the other hand, all sectional speed measurements – the network of which has been expanded in recent months with systems operating on the Białobrzegi bypass, the Wrocław section of the A4 motorway (Kostomłoty – Kąty Wrocławskie) and in the tunnel under Świna – registered 57.1 thousand cases of non-compliance by drivers with the applicable restrictions speed, GITD spokeswoman said.

The speed camera from Poznań “hunted” the most drivers

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Monika Niżniak reported that during the holidays, the largest number of violations – over 2.2 thousand. – registered a photo radar at ul. Głogowska in Poznań. – This is a new location where the device has been taking speed measurements since June 26. The speed limit on this stretch of road is 50 km/h.

The GITD spokeswoman added that this new speed camera recorded a record speeding over the summer. – On July 7, the driver of a Mercedes exceeded the speed limit by 87 kilometers per hour. The driver was traveling at a speed of 137 kilometers per hour. He was punished with a fine of PLN 2.5 thousand and 15 penalty points, she stressed.

Information from the General Inspectorate of Road Transport shows that extreme cases of exceeding the speed limit, above 70 km/h, accounted for about 0.16 percent. all violations. – 199 cases of this type have been recorded – said Niżniak.

She emphasized that the vast majority of holiday exceedances concerned the lowest threshold – between 11 and 20 km/h. – This group of drivers accounted for about 62 percent of all vehicles registered by the CANARD system in that period – added Monika Niżniak.

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