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Holidays 2023. The most popular destinations for Poles – Paweł Kunz on inflation and destinations

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Inflation hit the holiday trips of Poles. – This season, we will pay an average of 19 to even 35 percent more for rest at the Polish seaside, in Masuria or in the Polish mountains than a year ago – said Paweł Kunz, an expert in the tourism industry, in TVN24’s “You get up and weekend”. He pointed out that Poles, in order to save money, decide to shorten their stays and categorize facilities. The expert also spoke about the most popular holiday destinations.

Paweł Kunz, an expert in the tourism industry, assessed that “this year is quite specific if we look at the decisions of our compatriots”. – Not only those who organize trips themselves, but also those who use the services of travel agencies. Post-pandemic period, but above all inflationwhich hit the pockets of Poles quite hard, makes trips look a little different – explained the guest of “You get up and the weekend” on TVN24.

Kunz pointed out that “if we want to save money, we primarily shorten our stays.” “The old systems, where we were away for two weeks, sometimes turn into 10 or 8 days, or even a week,” he emphasized.

– The second way that Poles use is the categorization of facilities, i.e. we want to go further, we still want to relax, but instead of a 5-star hotel in the all inclusive formula, we choose a hotel with four stars, it also works – added the expert.

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Kunz pointed out that “the myth that traveling on your own is always cheaper than with a travel agency is not always a fact.” – Countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, it is much easier, simpler and cheaper to “hunt” by choosing a last-minute offer from a travel agency, than to look for the possibility of getting there on your own, finding a hotel that meets your requirements – he said. In addition, there is the issue of food and other attractions.

Vacations in Poland

Paweł Kunz pointed out that renting real estate during holidays in Poland is more expensive than, for example, in Spain continental. – There has been some aberration. For people who do not observe the tourist market, it may actually be a bit of a surprise to find out that cheaper holidays can be found outside our country than, for example, at the Polish seaside – he noted.

– This is also where reason comes into play in the form of time calculation, some of the tourist destinations – Spain, Greece, Egypt – these are really year-round destinations. The season at the Polish seaside is short, subject to various fluctuations related to, for example, the weather, therefore, unfortunately, these prices are pushed up quite strongly – added the expert.

According to the guest of “You get up and the weekend” on TVN24, “statistics are inexorable.” – This season, on average, we will pay from 19 to even 35 percent more for a holiday at the Polish seaside, or in Masuria or in the beautiful Polish mountains than a year ago – he pointed out.

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The most popular destinations

The expert also spoke about the most popular holiday destinations among Poles. – Our preferences are quite constant, because it is Bulgariawhich is brilliant value for money. This is Turkey, especially hotels in a better than average standard, i.e. 5-star hotels. Tunisia, which is a gem when it comes to the possibility of getting to the place from Poland during a 3-hour flight, is back in favor, it offers a warm sea, beautiful sand on the beaches and inexpensive possibilities of additional attractions – said Paweł Kunz.

– A hidden gem that may take place during the upcoming season – looking at the data from travel agencies – are the Greek islands, but not the most popular ones that Poles have been used to for years, but those slightly off the beaten track – he emphasized.

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