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Holidays 2023. The most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Santorini, Ibiza, Tenerife on the podium

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Greek Santorini is the world’s most popular tourist destination in Europe, according to the ranking prepared by the tourist website CV Villas. The Spanish islands of Ibiza and Tenerife were also on the podium.

The list was prepared by CV Villas, an intermediary in the short-term rental of holiday villas around the world. Its employees analyzed the Google search results of Internet users from 185 countries. They checked which of the European destinations were most often entered in the search bar along with the words “vacation” or “holiday” in the last 12 months. On this basis, they indicated the most popular places for tourists from each of the surveyed countries, and then created a ranking of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

The most popular tourist destinations in Europe

The clear winner of the ranking was the Greek island of Santorini, which was the most frequently searched destination in as many as 47 countries. “It has captured the attention of travel enthusiasts from a staggering 47 of the 185 countries whose search data was analyzed – including Saudi Arabia, Australia and Colombia,” reported.

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Second place went to the Spanish island of Ibiza, “offering dozens of nightclubs … and idyllic beaches.” In the last 12 months, it was the most searched holiday destination in 29 countries. Third place went to Spain’s Tenerife, described by CV Villas as “the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure and pleasant weather all year round”. It was the most popular choice in 18 countries.

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Greece and Spain are tourist paradises

The fourth place on the list of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe was taken by Italy’s Sicily, which the authors of the ranking describe as “a region that invites travelers to discover ancient ruins, picturesque cities and delicious cuisine”. It was followed by the Greek island of Corfu, “famous for its bright green landscapes, pristine beaches and quaint old town”.

The following positions were followed by: Greek Kos, Turkish Antalya, Italian Sardinia, Greek Mykonos, Crete, Spanish Mallorca, Croatian Hvar, Italian Tuscany, Greek Zakynthos, Spanish Lanzarote, Turkish Bodrum and – in fifteenth place – Portuguese Algarve. Thus, the entire top ten of the CV Villas list was dominated by places in Greece (6 in total) and Spain (4).

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