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Holidays 2023. The number of tourists in Poland is increasing rapidly – analysis

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According to data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the number of overnight stays provided to tourists from abroad increased by 237,000 in Poland. This number will probably increase, because the office summed up only the first five months of 2023. Our advantage is not only culture and natural values, but also low crime and more affordable prices – indicated in the HREIT analysis.

“There is a rapid increase in tourists in Poland, and not only from Czech and Germany,” emphasized the HRE Investment Trust. He added that data of the Central Statistical Office suggested that “the values ​​of native nature and culture were especially numerous this year GermanyAmericans, British and Czechs.

“So far, the Office has managed to sum up the first 5 months of the year, but even these data show that we provided foreign tourists with as much as 237,000 more overnight stays than in the same period a year earlier. This is an increase of almost 1/4. the office also observed several dozen percent increases in the number of overnight stays provided to Italians, Swedes, Swiss, Slovaks, Norwegians, Dutch and Spaniards, but in the case of tourists from these countries we are still talking about a relatively small scale (less than 50,000 overnight stays in the first 5 months of this year)” – it was written in the analysis.

The number of tourists in Poland is growing

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It was added that “culture, nature or infrastructure development are probably not the only reasons why our country has begun to be better perceived by foreign tourists”, although “this matter would require a broader diagnosis, not to mention that we are still waiting for data for the next months that will hopefully confirm this emerging trend.”


“When looking for the reasons for the more numerous arrivals of foreign tourists, we can also look at the recently published reports that put Poland in a good light. For example, Eurostat data summarizing 2022 may be quite a surprise, which suggest that Polish hotels and restaurants are among the cheapest in Europe,” HREIT reported.

He also noted that “it is not surprising that such shrines are much more expensive in Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) or, for example, in Germany, France, Great Britain and Austria”, even if “some compatriots could try to undermine hard official data hearing that Polish hotels and restaurants are cheaper than those in Croatia.

“On the other hand, Eurostat estimates suggest that Czech hotels and restaurants are 11 percent cheaper than in Poland. Czechs, however, wanting to spend their holidays at the seaside may – paying attention only to the amount of crowns spent – prefer Polish beaches over those in Germany, Slovenia or sometimes also Croatia, as Eurostat estimates that restaurants and hotels in these countries are more expensive than in Poland, wrote HREIT.

Price levels in hotels and restaurantsHREIT

Safety issue

“Tourists coming to Poland may also appreciate the low crime rates in our country. The Numbeo portal in its latest ranking in terms of safety places us in the 13th position in Europe” – the analysis states.

It was added that “it is better only in 12 locations (e.g. Austria, Denmark, Finland, Monaco, the Netherlands or Estonia)”, and “on the other hand, there are as many as 29 countries/territories in Europe where crime is a bigger problem than in Poland ” and “these include Portugal, Slovakia, Norway, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Great BritainSweden, Belgium and France”.

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Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

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