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Holidays 2023. Turkey overtakes Greece, Egypt third, Bulgaria dropped out of the top ten – Travelplanet.pl analysis

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Several percent more tourists than last year went on holidays with travel agencies, although their cost increased by over 20 percent, according to an analysis by Travelplanet.pl. This year’s July holiday costs less than PLN 3,300 per person. The largest increase in travel costs concerns holidays in Poland. More than a third of tourists choose the same destination for a holiday.

Travelplanet.pl analyzed the booking statistics concerning trips made by travel agency clients in July. Along with Wakacje.pl and Fly.pl, Travelplanet.pl is one of the three largest travel multi-agents operating on the Polish market.

Holidays in Poland have become the most expensive

According to the analysis, the largest increase in leisure costs was recorded in the case of holidays in Poland – by as much as 46 percent, to PLN 1,471 per person. “Poland is still nominally the cheapest destination – customers of travel agencies spent on average less than PLN 1,500 on holidays, but it should be remembered that the costs of travel and possible car parks must also be added to the cost of stay” – we read.

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It was also reminded that the average cost of rest in the country includes stays of 6 days or less. “Due to own transport, shorter stays mean a proportionate reduction of leisure costs – and this season it is one of the most popular ways to keep the holiday budget within the assumed framework” – it was emphasized.

Experts pointed out that the situation is different when we go on holiday by plane, and the cost of transport is a significant share in the overall price of the event. “Then, shortening the stay is not the optimal way to save money on holidays. And customers of travel agencies on foreign holidays in about 95% of cases arrive by plane and in about 70% they spend 7-8 days there” – we read.

Türkiye extended its advantage over Greece

The analysis shows that in July was the leader when it comes to foreign destinations Türkiye. 35.4 percent decided to spend their holidays in this country. all travel agency clients. Representatives of Travelplanet.pl emphasized that this was not a surprise, because this country has been the most popular among travel agency customers for several seasons. “In addition, new tour operators have entered the Polish market this season, offering mainly Turkey at prices that some existing players described as dumping” – it was pointed out.

Türkiye has increased its lead over second Greece, which – as indicated – “was not served by the crisis situation related to the fires in Rhodes”. “Although there were not many cancellations of bookings in Rhodes in the last week of July, which was made possible by travel agency clients, those who decided to do so exchanged their Greek holidays for Turkey or Bulgaria” – it was reported. Greece boasts a 20.3 percent market share.

Bulgaria has lost some of its popularity (a decrease from 10.7 to 8.2%) and compared to the previous year it fell from third to fourth place. Interestingly, a July holiday in Bulgaria was the cheapest among the countries that were in the top ten most popular destinations. It was PLN 2,431 per person.

He was on the lowest step of the podium Egypt, although it slightly lost its market share – from 9.6 to 9.3 percent. She completed the top five Spain with a market share of 5.8 percent.

“Tunisia did not join the so-called big five, although it significantly improved its market share (increase from 4.2 to 5.4 percent). However, this direction has become more expensive compared to July 2022 among foreign destinations, by as much as 34 percent.” – emphasized the authors of the analysis. This year’s July holiday in Tunisia costs PLN 3,139 per person.

Moreover, it was noted that Croatia has lost its popularity, which has become almost as expensive as Tunisia and dropped out of the top ten. Although Croatia is the second, after Bulgaria, the cheapest destination – an average of PLN 2,491 per person.

“But it is worth bearing in mind that a large percentage of customers travel to Croatia by their own transport. It seems that the significant decrease in holidays of Polish tourists in Croatia (from 1.7% of the total market share to 1%) is a consequence of information both in media as well as ‘horror receipts’ in social media about large price increases in this country after the introduction of the euro” – assessed the authors of the report.


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