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Holidays 2023. Where are Poles going? Domination of three directions

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As many as 64 percent of Poles booking holidays will spend their holidays in Turkey, Greece or Egypt, informs the Tuesday edition of “Puls Biznesu”. The average price of trips has increased this year compared to the previous one by 20 percent.

The taste of Poles has not changed

“PB” notes that “the taste of Poles regarding the place where they spend their holidays has not changed: just like a year ago, they mainly go to TurkeyGreece and Egypt“. These countries account for 64% of bookings for the period June 19 – September 30.

The daily refers to the information from the holiday.pl website. It is one of the three, along with travelplanet.pl and fly.pl, the largest travel multi-agents operating on the Polish market.

“You can go on vacation from 14 airports (including Radom, which celebrated the 10,000th passenger five weeks after its opening), but two-thirds of travel agency customers fly from Warsaw, Katowice or Wrocław. The average price of trips increased in this year compared to the previous year by 20%. the journal reports.

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Changes to reservations

As we read, “first minute sales increased significantly, and by mid-May, leading tour operators sold on average 40-45 percent more trips than last year, according to PB data.”

“89.3 percent of customers, i.e. 7 percentage points more than a year ago, bought trips as many as 91 days before departure. More than half of Poles go on holiday in July or August – 34.5 and 26 percent, 21 percent, respectively. chooses September, and June 13,” the daily reports.

As “PB” writes, last year holidays in the countries of the Mediterranean basin were 12 percent higher in June. cheaper than in July and 10 percent. cheaper than in August, in September it was 18% and 13% respectively. cheaper, and in October by 21 and 20 percent.”

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