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Holidays 2023 – where is the cheapest? Prices in Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Spain

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The cheapest among the five most popular holiday destinations this year is Tunisia, according to data from the Wakacje.pl portal. A couple for a week-long all inclusive holiday will pay over a thousand zlotys less than in Greece or Spain, a family with two children can save up to PLN 2.5 thousand. Moderately priced options are Türkiye and Egypt.

The most popular tourist destinations have been the same countries for years. According to the data of the Wakacje.pl portal, the order on the podium of this ranking is exactly the same as last year: Turkey ranks first, followed by Greece and Egypt. Spain, fourth in last year’s ranking, swapped places with Tunisia, fifth last year.

The choices of Poles do not change, but prices are rising. – It is more expensive than last year, on average by 10-20 percent, depending on the destination. But despite the economic crisis and inflation, we do not save on holidays. We want to rest in comfortable conditions, high-standard hotels, from four stars upwards, are very popular, most often in the all-inclusive option – said reporter Adrian Zaborowski on TVN24.

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Holidays 2023. How much will we pay this year?

The statistics of the Wakacje.pl portal indicate that the cheapest of the most popular holiday destinations is this season Tunisia. For a week’s holiday with full board in a four-star hotel, a couple will pay an average of PLN 6,936. The cost of such a stay in the case of a family with one child is PLN 9,577, in the case of a family with two children – PLN 11,791.

It’s a bit more expensive this season Türkiye. There, for a week-long all-inclusive holiday in a four-star hotel, a couple will pay an average of PLN 7,759, a family of three – PLN 10,757, a family of four – PLN 13,548, which is almost PLN 2,000 more than in Tunisia.

According to Wakacje.pl data, prices in Egypt are very similar to those in Turkey this year. In the case of a family of four, the difference (in favor of Egypt) is about PLN 200, in other configurations it is only a few dozen zlotys.

The most expensive is in the south of Europe. The cost of a week’s stay for a couple in a four-star hotel in Greece it is on average almost PLN 7,900, in Spain – PLN 300 more. Families of three in both countries will pay more than 11,000 for a week of all-inclusive holidays. zlotys, families of four must prepare to spend over PLN 14,000.

The prices listed include the cost of flights.

Holidays in Europe. Where is the most expensive, where is the cheapest?

And yet there are places in Europe even more expensive. For example, higher prices in France or multiple parts Italian. You have to be prepared for the high prices of the famous western resorts also in Croatia, which until recently was considered a reasonably priced destination.

So where to go in search of lower prices? Renata Kuźmienko from the Bialystok travel agency 123 Wakacje, who spoke to a TVN24 reporter, mentions the cheapest option often chosen by Polish tourists Bulgaria. It will also be cheaper than most popular European resorts Albania, even called “the second Croatia”or neighboring Montenegro.

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