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Holidays at the Polish seaside? “The price is like in the Ritz, and the standard is so-so”

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PLN 10,000 for one night? This offer was presented by one of the companies renting apartments on the Baltic Sea. We check what is behind it.

“Maybe a holiday at the Polish seaside?” – asks a user of the website X (formerly Twitter). And he makes an intriguing offer. 12 days in an apartment on the Hel Peninsula for a family (two adults, two children) costs PLN 120,000. zloty. As you can easily calculate, you have to pay 10,000 per night. zloty.

– I was looking for accommodation on the Baltic Sea, I was searching the map, and this offer caught my attention – says Patrycjusz Wyżga. He is a journalist by profession, but he was looking for a place for a private holiday trip. – It surprised me. Standard standard, and the price is like in the Ritz in Paris during the Olympic Games.

Analysts of the Travelist portal, summarizing last year's season, emphasized that the prices of accommodation by the sea are getting higher every year. On average, you had to pay almost PLN 700 per day. Have we reached the point where prices in a prestigious location have reached PLN 10,000? zloty? We decided to check it out.

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How much do holidays on the Baltic Sea cost?

However, the Ritz is more expensive, on the day the Games start, a night there costs PLN 2,800. euro (almost PLN 12,000). In fact, the apartment in Hel does not seem particularly luxurious. A small bedroom with a double bed, common space with a kitchenette and a large sofa, bathroom, balcony with a view of the greenery. The location is definitely a plus. Close to the beach and other attractions.

However, this does not explain the prohibitive price. Other accommodations for the same date and location are much cheaper. Prices range from several hundred to PLN 2,000. PLN per night. A lot, but still far less than 10 thousand. zloty.

Cost of 12-day accommodation in Hel during the 2024 holidays

For several years now, in the context of seaside holidays, people have been talking about the so-called “receipts of horror”. – This term is not new, it appeared in our language BEFORE growing inflationDr. Marcin Serafin from the SGH research team analyzing inflation diaries said in an interview with tvn24.pl. – Previously, it was related to a specific experience. People went on holiday and discovered that it was expensive, most often paying for fish or waffles on the Baltic Sea – explained the specialist.

As part of the Language Observatory of the University of Warsaw, linguist prof. Katarzyna Kłosińska added that a “receipt of horror” is a proof of purchase of something very expensive. As the linguist adds: “The expression is somewhat expressive and negatively evaluative.” Inflation, recovery of the tourism industry from the post-pandemic collapse, growth energy prices – all this affects the cost of holiday trips. Therefore, to some extent, we are prepared for the fact that it will be expensive on the Baltic Sea.

According to research by the insurance company Mubi, in 2023 Poles planned to spend an average of PLN 256 more on holidays than a year earlier. The company estimates that accommodation alone for a week-long trip to the seaside for a family of three will cost approximately PLN 1,000. Together with food and other attractions, the average cost of such a trip will be approximately PLN 3,625.

Is there room for the plane?

The company renting an apartment in Hel assures on its website that it ensures the highest possible standards of the rented premises. We call to find out why the price of one of their premises is so high.

– This apartment is not available – we hear. – We didn't want to completely withdraw this offer because we don't know when we will be able to make it available again. However, we were unable to withdraw it temporarily. So we decided to keep the apartment on the website, but at a prohibitive price. At this standard and at this price, no one will rent it – says an employee of the company in an interview with the business editorial team of tvn24.pl.

Holidays 2024. Jakub Wawrzyniak from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on how to prepare for a safe holiday

However, the offer attracts a lot of comments. And not very positive ones at that. “It's cheaper in Madeira” – says one of the users of portal And a third jokes: “An offer worth considering, provided there is room for the plane.”

However, apartment rental companies are not afraid of anti-advertising. – We have been in this industry for a long time. We do our thing and don't worry – we hear.

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