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Holidays in 2021 – the most popular holiday destinations for Poles [RANKING]

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The most popular holiday destinations, chosen by Poles in 2021, are Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Egypt – according to the report “Foreign holidays of Poles 2021” of the Polish Chamber of Tourism. Foreign trips organized by travel agencies were taken into account. The Chamber reports that over 75 percent of tourists chose five- and four-star hotels.

According to the Polish Chamber of Tourism, the volume of tourist traffic before the summer season of 2021 was determined primarily by the possibilities of movement, the closure of borders and restrictions in the availability of accommodation facilities for tourists, and not as in previous years – seasonal factors (weather, holidays, school holidays, school holidays, e.t.c.).


The most popular holiday destinations of Poles in 2021

“Thanks to the introduction of the EU COVID Certificate (UCC), the lifting of restrictions in countries that are traditionally favorite destinations of Poles, we had a booking boom since the end of May 2021” – PIT experts indicated, presenting the report “Foreign holidays of Poles 2021” based on data for the period from June 1 to September 30, 2021 collected from three internet multiagents: Fly.pl, Travelplanet.pl and Holidays.pl.

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In the opinion of the Chamber, thanks to the summer season, the tourist industry, or at least the part of it that offers trips abroad, has caught its breath. “Although sales in the segment of trips abroad with travel agencies started for good only in May, after the lifting of domestic restrictions, and until the beginning of July, the situation related to the freedom of traveling in Europe and destinations considered traditional holiday destinations of Poles was unclear. so high that the figures similar to the years before the pandemic have almost been reached, “the report said.

As noted by the president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, Paweł Niewiadomski, this year’s report confirms that Polish tourists are curious about the world, and are more and more open to new directions and experiences.

– He is not looking for the cheapest hotel, he can appreciate the quality. This is indicated by the research carried out in July by the European Travel Commission presented by the Polish Tourism Organization (Polish Tourism Organization – ed.). Among European countries, Poles are at the forefront when it comes to plans for holiday trips – he pointed out.

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He stressed that the interest in traveling is huge, and when information about the easing of restrictions appears, sales go up. – This was the case, for example, with Turkey, when the government announced that the same rules apply when returning from this country as when entering from the Schengen area, with Egypt, when vaccinated persons were exempt from PCR testing, Bulgaria when PCR testing was supplemented with antigen tests or Spain, which ceased to require additional certificates from Poles, he said.

Grzegorz Bosowski from Fly.pl added that the possibility of vaccinating against COVID-19 launched in the spring meant that at the turn of April and May, customers began to massively buy summer trips. – Sales, which in the years before the pandemic began in the fall of the previous year, were accumulated this season over several holiday months. At Fly.pl, this summer we obtained better results than in 2019 – he assessed.

According to PIT, the preferences of travel agency clients compared to the best years in Polish outbound tourism have not changed significantly this year. – However, the position of Poland is far more significant, which for the first time was in the top ten of the most popular destinations in the ranking. The percentage of domestic holidays purchased in travel agencies has increased sixfold, although we are aware that it does not fully reflect the actual position of our country in terms of tourism preferences – noted Radosław Damasiewicz, the president of Travelplanet.pl.

Holidays in 2021 – prices and the cost of traveling

According to the authors of the report, the prices of holidays abroad slightly increased, although it could also be the result of the lack of attractive, cheaper offers at the end of the season. On average, Poles spent almost PLN 6,660, i.e. PLN 277 more than in 2019. However, the unit cost of the event was only PLN 72 higher – it was announced.

We spent this year’s holidays with travel agencies in a larger group and in more comfortable conditions than in 2019, which can be seen from the increase in sales of all inclusive offers and holidays in hotels of the highest 5-star standard. – The tourists apparently wanted to make up for the lockdown months. Another thing is that such a luxurious holiday this season cost less than two years ago – assessed Damasiewicz.

As he noted, the standard of holiday rest has clearly increased: a large increase in 5-star hotel bookings, where almost one third of travel agency clients rested, and a simultaneous decline in the popularity of 3-star hotels. This year, more than three-fourths of tourists stayed in 4- and 5-star facilities (77.3%). This increase in standard is “the effect of Turkey and Egypt” – in these countries tourists book the best hotels in the all-inclusive option, because there is a belief that there they will get the best ratio of the quality of the top-shelf offer to its price.

According to Dariusz Górzny, the president of the Holidays.pl website, the pandemic brought another change: the customer service period has been extended, because buyers have more questions about the rules of departure and return, types of tests, necessary documents or the situation in the visited countries. – The industry also faced the problem of maintaining confidence in traveling – he pointed out.

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