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Holidays in 2022. Inflation in Poland – 57 percent. Poles have changed their holiday plans due to rising prices

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Rising prices meant that 57 percent of Poles changed their holiday plans, of which 21 percent gave up the trip altogether – this is the conclusion of the GfK study. – It blew pessimism – commented on TVN24 BiS Dominika Grusznic-Drobińska from GfK Polonia.

Higher cost of living and uncertainty of the market situation resulted in changes in holiday plans of 57%. Poles covered by the “Current Consumer Mood” survey conducted by GfK. The authors of the study summarizing its results noted that 15% of them decided to rest in the country. respondents, and 21 percent. gave up any trip at all.

– We have been conducting this research since March 2020, so from the beginning of the pandemic, and I must admit that such pessimistic data as in March and June, which have remained stable since March, have not been observed in the last two years, even during the pandemic, even when there was a lockdown, when we were worried about the Polish economy – commented Dominika Grusznic-Drobińska from GfK Polonia on TVN24 BiS.

As she noted, 95 percent. of Poles surveyed, “practically all of us are convinced that these prices will grow much faster in the future than they are rising now”. – It blew with pessimism – added Grusznic-Drobińska.

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Holidays in 2022 – changes in the plans of Poles

The conclusion of the study indicated that prices of goods and services in Poland are constantly and significantly growing, especially in particularly sensitive sectors, such as: fuel, food, electricity and gas. – This means an increase in the cost of daily maintenance – underlined. As added, the costs of e.g. tourist services. According to experts, all this translates into decisions to reduce expenses, among others, by spending holidays close to home or not going on a trip altogether.

The GfK study shows that the majority of respondents express anxiety about ever higher bills: in relation to the growth of fuel prices 81 percent, food – 75 percent, electricity – 69 percent, and in the case of gas – 60 percent. According to experts, Poles are also very concerned about the possibility of further price increases also next year.

“Almost all respondents expect a further, high rate of price increase. The percentage of people convinced of the inevitability of this process is as high as 95%. 83% believe that in the following months prices will grow faster or at least at a similar pace as this spring. “- Dominika Grusznic-Drobińska, director of the Consumer Insight and Marketing Effectiveness department at GfK, indicated in the commentary to the survey results.

“We are also seeing fears of flying arising from war in Ukraine and (related – ed.) to problems with the liquidity of air traffic service in Europe. Certainly, it will be a vacation different than any other and many sectors will be very much affected by the commonly implemented belt-a-tightening strategy “- said the expert.

GfK is a research company employing over 11,000 people. experts in over 100 markets.

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