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Holidays in 2022. Inflation in Poland, weak zloty – Piotr Henicz, vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, comments

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Inflation also affects the holiday trips of Poles. – Poles have many dilemmas as to whether what is happening with inflation in our country should make them go abroad or go home – said Piotr Henicz, vice president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism in TVN24 “Get up and weekend”. As he noted, in view of the weak zloty, we are considering changing our habits during holidays abroad.

Piotr Henicz, vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, said that if we could afford it, we would most likely combine a trip abroad with an additional rest in Poland during the holiday season. – Foreign trips a little longer and shorter, weekend trips in the country, but we know what the situation is at the moment, therefore we often face the dilemma of whether to choose a domestic trip or choose a foreign trip – pointed out the vice president PITand vice president of the ITAKA Travel Agency.

ITAKA, together with TUI Poland and Rainbow, is one of the leading travel agencies in Poland.

He also pointed out that “there are many different problem situations here, when we start to compare the prices of foreign and domestic trips, because we should not really compare it, it cannot be compared”.

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Holidays in Poland or abroad?

– At the moment, Poles have many dilemmas, whether what is happening with inflation in our country, it should encourage them to travel abroad or in Poland – emphasized Henicz.

In his opinion, however, the most important thing is that Poles have a choice. – In Poland, there are beautiful places, beautiful hotels, beautiful resorts that are waiting for Poles, also in the coming weeks, because it is not that wherever everything is sold. This is not true, unfortunately – he admitted. Henicz noted that in the good previous years of tourism, at that time “it was difficult to book anything anywhere in the country”. – At the moment it is not so – emphasized the TVN24 guest.

– Very often there is a situation that we are wondering whether these 4-5 days spent in the country, in a guesthouse, not a hotel, on a camping site, or whether it will not be what we should be for this year can afford, do we think differently – I have money, I saved during the COVID period, I don’t know what will happen with this money, it loses its value and this year I will allow myself, pay more and go abroad, where I have everything provided. Such a situation is currently on the market – said the vice president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

Piotr Henicz said that “the interest in traveling abroad is very high, but it may also result from the fact that it was such a delayed covid demand”. “We haven’t moved much these two years,” he pointed out.

Vacation 2022

The TVN24 guest emphasized that “holiday trips are something special for Poles”. – On the one hand, something that we have got used to for many years and the holidays are part of our year-round calendar that these holidays must take place once or twice a year and we try to behave a bit differently on these holidays. We are more wasteful on these holidays, we assume that we work all year round in order to allow ourselves much more during these few days – noted Henicz.

The deputy president of PIT pointed out that “when going abroad, we more and more often choose more expensive hotels, five-star hotels, in which we really have everything included in the price”. – The price includes ice cream for children, desserts, coffee, great food and we don’t really have to spend that extra money – he said.

Henicz pointed out that so far Poles during trips abroad were used to renting a car, additional trips, “and we bear all these costs in dollars or euros”. – Looking at how much the exchange rates have changed, how much the zloty has depreciated, we often start to wonder if what we were used to before, when the zloty was relatively strong and we felt much more confident, whether it was good solution – he added.

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