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Holidays in Poland – Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg, Mielno. A large drop in bookings, the effect of inflation – Roman Kucierski comments

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Holidays by the Baltic Sea are so far less popular than last year. – We are observing a decrease in the number of Polish tourists by about 40-50 percent – said Roman Kucierski, hotel expert of the Northern Chamber of Commerce. In his opinion, last-minute reservations will most likely appear. Kucierski also noted the “inflation effect”.

In an interview with the Polish Press Agency, the managing director of the Hamilton hotel in Świnoujście and hotel expert of the Northern Chamber of Commerce, Roman Kucierski, pointed to a decrease in the number of bookings in West Pomeranian accommodation facilities.

– Looking from the perspective of even last year, the situation is completely different. It’s slowly starting to take off, but there aren’t as many bookings as in 2021. We are seeing a decrease in the number of Polish tourists by about 40-50 percent – said Kucierski.

He made a reservation that the last two years, due to the ongoing state of the pandemic and the related restrictions, can hardly be compared to previous seasons. – In 2019, we had already sold the season at this time. It was a miracle to find a place in Świnoujście. Today these places are still there – he explained.

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Inflation in Poland

However, he pointed out that although there is a significant drop in the number of bookings in coastal towns compared to last year, it is very possible that stays in resorts will be booked at the last minute. As he added, he predicts that there may be more calls asking for vacancies until the end of June or the beginning of July.

– A tourist will make these decisions looking at the price, but also largely by the weather, because it was not favorable to us in April or May – said Roman Kucierski.

As he emphasized, tourists are cautious in planning their holidays mainly due to the economic situation. – When guests call us, the main issue is the price – they want to get the greatest possible discounts so that the price for their stay is both satisfactory and as low as possible. You can definitely see the effect here inflationwhich is getting higher from month to month, and that we are waiting until the end for what will happen next – the expert pointed out.


Less tourists from abroad

He added that there are also fewer foreign tourists – currently it is approx. 70 percent. reservations compared to last year’s. In the Westpomeranian Region, they still mainly rest Germanyin turn, after the pandemic, the number of Swedes decreased.

– We also notice that the length of stay is shortening – these are no longer fourteen or even ten-day stays, but rather seven-day stays. Many tourists also come for one night or possibly for two or three. The tourist shortens the time of rest, which makes the stay a bit cheaper – said Kucierski. As he noted, conversations with guests show that they prefer to spend less on leisure than a few years ago, and save the rest of the money.

The expert also pointed out that right after the explosion war in Ukraine foreign tourists began to fear coming to Poland. – Immediately after the outbreak of the war, our reservations stopped completely and it was like that for two weeks. Often our guests from Germany or Scandinavia have fear and anxiety about the war in Ukraine and perceive Poland as a high threat due to its proximity and geographic location – said Kucierski.

According to the data of the Statistical Office in Szczecin, last year foreign tourists accounted for 17.7% of people staying in tourist accommodation establishments in Western Pomerania. (in 2020, 20.7%). The most numerous group of foreign tourists were guests from Germany (84.2%). Of the remaining countries, most people came from Denmark (3.4%) and from Ukraine (2.7%). Most chose hotels (62.4%), including the most often 4- and 5-star (33.2% and 27.4%, respectively).

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