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Hollywood. Celebrities are selling their mansions in a hurry. Reason: new tax

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Hollywood stars, incl. Jim Carrey, Kylie Jenner and Britney Spears are selling their properties in Los Angeles – noted the “Independent”, noting that the appearance of some offers coincided with the announcement of a new property tax. It is intended to help the city authorities fight the homelessness crisis.

The benefit, commonly known as the “residence tax,” will go into effect in Los Angeles on April 1. After that date, sellers of properties worth more than $5 million will be required to pay a 4 percent property transfer tax. As the New York Times reported on March 23, city officials say the tax will “generate a new stream of revenue for affordable housing projects” as well as help fight poverty.

According to the “NYT”, the approaching deadline for the introduction of the tax has prompted millionaires selling properties in Los Angeles to lower their prices and introduce more favorable offers. Among the people who have put their residences up for sale in recent months, there are also celebrities Hollywoodsuch as Jim Carrey, Britney Spears and Kylie Jenner – reported March 28 “Independent”.

Hollywood stars are selling mansions

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Carrey put his 1,100 sq. square meters for sale for $29 million in February. Spears, meanwhile, was to put her 1,000-square-foot mansion up for sale for $12 million “just six months after she and her husband Sam Asghari bought it,” the Independent reported. Jenner’s seven-bedroom, ten-bathroom villa, purchased in 2018 for $20.4 million, was sold last October for over $33 million.

Residence in Pacific Palisades, CaliforniaShutterstock

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Mark Wahlberg last April – long before the tax was introduced – put his Beverly Hills mansion up for sale for $87.5 million. However, it lowered its asking price to $79.5 million in November and finally found a buyer in February of that year. According to the “Los Angeles Times”, the area belonging to the actor was a huge complex, which consists of m.in. golf course and skate park. At the time of putting up for sale, the residence with an area of ​​30.5 thousand sq. m. square meters was the seventh largest home on the market in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles is battling a homelessness crisis

Official luxury real estate broker Tyrone McKillen told the New York Times that after the announcement of the “residence tax,” he saw a huge increase in the number of buyers wanting to close a deal by March 31. “It caused a bit of a frenzy,” he said. “I sold my private house myself,” he added.

Los Angeles City officials say the revenue from the new tax will allow the city to combat the homelessness crisis that has intensified in recent years. Tent cities have sprung up in local parks, on sidewalks and under highways. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the number of homeless people in the city has increased from about 28,000 to about 28,000. in 2016, to nearly 42,000 in February 2022.

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