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Hołownia: this polarization kills what is most human in us

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The leader of Poland 2050, Szymon Hołownia, met with the inhabitants of Toruń on Thursday. – This polarization kills what is most human in us. Concern for another person. Our children cannot wait. They deserve the best we have, a psychologist in every school.

– Education cannot be a political potato tossed between one and another by successive authorities – said Szymon Hołownia. – What he did with the Polish school of PiS calls for vengeance to heaven. It wasn’t so bad yet and the PiS deputy minister heard it from us, who had to sit for an hour and listen to what teachers, parents and all those who see what is happening with Polish schools said to him straight in the eye – he added, referring to the organized through the Third Way consultation on education.

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– 17,000 vacancies in educational institutions await us from September, in schools and kindergartens. At the meetings before the end of the year, questions are asked today, not what children will learn from September, but whether there will be teachers, who will teach children from September – said Hołownia. – We will put children in front of these laptops that the government will scatter before the elections for a billion zlotys and who will teach them? laptop? Screen? Keyboard? – He was asking.

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The leader of Poland 2050 also referred to the issue of teachers’ salaries. We need well-paid teachers. We will shout about this in the face of every PiS minister that it is a disgrace for a teacher in Poland to earn less than the lowest salary. That you have to pay him two or three hundred zlotys to reach the threshold of the minimum wage – he said.

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Szymon Hołownia also stated that in some schools there is no money for basic needs. – What’s on the other side? Villa plus programme. Who will forbid the rich to have fun – said Hołownia. – More institutes that are establishing, the Institute of War Losses, Piotr Skarga, Maksymilian Maria Kolbe, other institutes that are springing up like mushrooms. (…) And the budget IPN do you know how much it increased? The budget of the prime minister’s office, which has swelled since the beginning of PiS’s rule – seven, eight, nine, ten times. (…) The Saxon Palace – two billion at the beginning – he enumerated. – What should this money be spent on? For the Saxon Palace or salaries for history teachers? he asked the gathered.

Hołownia said that in Poland, according to some people, “a holy war has been going on for 18 years, between some Poles and others.” – We come and say: fluent English after primary school, as a standard that our children deserve. And what do we hear? “Wait kids, you don’t have to learn English, there are more important things, we have to settle this war, this is a holy war.” This polarization kills what is most human in us. Concern for another person. Our children cannot wait. They deserve everything we have the best, a psychologist in every school – said Hołownia.

– Politics is not a theater that takes place on TV or on the Internet. It’s something that changes your life. (…) Billions are packed into their funds, institutes, partnerships. Tens of billions of zlotys. This money needs to be recovered. PiS must be definitely and consistently removed from power – said the leader of Poland 2050. – These are people who have the most beautiful things on their lips, the greatest slogans, the most sacred values, and they steal like ordinary bandits and spin like ordinary liars and cheats – he added.

Hołownia: we will introduce French PIT

Hołownia also referred to the announcement of the PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński about valorization 500 plus. “We were the only group that said ‘no, you’re not going to buy us with our own money and it’s badly spent,'” he said. He called it “a disgrace after thirty years of paying premiums” that people “die while waiting in line to see a doctor.” – How could you not get the simplest things done after thirty years? – He was asking.

Instead, according to Hołownia, we have “large central factories” and “a state controlled by a finger from the central committee”, where a woman is treated as a “children”. – I will give five hundred, one will pop up (child – ed.), I will add three hundred, another will pop up – he said. He stated that women “must feel safe, they must have a perspective of their own apartment”.

– We want to introduce French in Poland PIT – announced Szymon Hołownia. – Your tax rate depends on how big your family is. (…) France today has the highest fertility rate in the European Union – he argued.

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