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Homemade windmill. Grants, applications. How much money can you get? “Poland and the World” TVN24

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The collection of applications for the purchase of a home windmill is expected to start in September at the latest. You will be able to get a subsidy of up to PLN 30,000. The wind is not the same everywhere, so it will not be the same everywhere. Those who already have turbines count profits. Material by Łukasz Wieczorek from the “Poland i Świat” program on TVN24.

You can't see it, but your electricity bills show how powerful it is. Wind produces energy and saves money for residents. Turbines are a rarity for now, but this is about to change. The program of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management – My Wind Power Plant – is to be launched later this year. Residents can count on a subsidy of up to PLN 30,000.

Home windmill and subsidies

Ph.D. engineer Tomasz Ochrymiuk from the Polish Academy of Sciences shows us the turbines for which residents can get a subsidy. This is an installation with an electrical power of not less than 1 kW and not more than 20 kW.

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– The cost of such a windmill starts from the level of, for example, imported PLN 10,000, although it must be taken into account that such windmills, some of them, are not very reliable, i.e. the data provided by the manufacturer do not correspond to the power that this windmill can produce – he said. Ochrymiuk.

– At 2 kW, about PLN 25,000 to PLN 35,000 net, said Stefan Dziamski, owner of Comfort System.

A windmill is not everything. Its installation may be more expensive than the turbine itself. Before purchasing, it is also worth checking what the wind gusts are like in our area. Not every region of the country has the same wind. Halny in the south will not help much in electricity production.

The wind is different from wind to wind

– This strong wind is not so good because it is not regular. However, in the north of the country it still occurs, so these turbines can still operate – explained Grzegorz Walijewski, Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – Polish Research Institute.

There are differences in gusts even on one street.

– We checked this in Wrocław in one of the companies where, theoretically, you could feel the wind all the time, but when you built the station, it turned out that the wind was moving so much that building a windmill basically defeats any economic purpose – said Piotr Kauch, wind farm specialist Evolive Technologies.

Home windmills, i.e. small installations

For small installations, no consent is required. The turbine that will provide more electricity than the garage remote control is higher. Its installation must be reported to the city hall.

– When it comes to small wind energy solutions, the rate of return is optimistically expected to last a dozen or so years, sometimes even several dozen. It must be taken into account that the market situation will definitely change. The current will probably last longer, so over the years it will become more and more profitable, said Ochrymiuk.

House owners and co-owners will be eligible for subsidies. This concerns the purchase and installation of a home wind farm and energy storage facility.

– We can cover 80, maybe 70 percent of the house's energy demand with such a 3-kilowatt turbine. However, I would like to draw your attention once again to the location, good assembly and good fit of the equipment – added Dziamski.

The first residents are already saving money thanks to windmills. This included the Warsaw housing community that bought this equipment almost a decade ago. There are also turbines on the roofs photovoltaic panels, produce electricity for common areas. Elevators don't run for free, but electricity bills are much lower.

Officials from Ursynów also decided to install windmills. The Warsaw office has already saved over PLN 18,000.

– One month of operation of these two turbines would be able to cover approximately 50-65 percent of the annual consumption of such a 50-meter apartment – said Klaudiusz Ostrowski, deputy mayor of Ursynów.

The windmill market is still in its infancy and it is difficult to assess whether and how much it will grow.

Author:Łukasz Wieczorek

Main photo source: Alberto Masnovo/Shutterstock

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