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Hospitals are drowning in debt, and subsequent reforms do not improve the situation. Directors are sounding the alarm. “It’s getting worse”

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More and more Polish hospitals are on the verge of bankruptcy. The directors of the institutions emphasize that despite the successive reforms, the situation is not improving, but is even worse. Professor Ewelina Nojszewska points out that this is heading “to a disaster, because hospitals will not be able to function”.

The district hospital in Milicz is sinking. It has PLN 40 million in debt, a large part of which is debt only from the last year. – This hospital has been generating losses for many years, this year very large: PLN 12 million – informed Sławomir Strzelecki, the starost of Milicz.

On Thursday, at an extraordinary meeting in the county office, it was discussed how to help the facility. Other hospitals in the country are also sinking.

– I do not remember, and I have been managing the hospital for 20 years, so that in the middle of the year it is clear that we will lose liquidity – said Jarosław Katulski, president of the Tucholskiegp Hospital and adds that such a situation happens for the first time in twenty years, as I manage hospital.

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It’s as bad as ever as the government has given health care workers a pay rise for the second time in twelve months without giving hospitals enough money to do so. This is confirmed by three directors of Warsaw hospitals: Praski, Bielański and Południowy.

– The annex will in no way cover the planned increases – informed Artur Krawczyk, president of the Southern Hospital in Warsaw. – The increase was supposed to be zero percent in the second half of the year compared to the first half. We have not accepted these conditions, we work without a contract – added Andrzej Golimont, president of Szpital Praski in Warsaw.

County hospitals are on the brink. “We can talk about the bankruptcy of the health care system in Poland”Marek Nowicki/Fakty TVN

Government reforms only make things worse

PiS has been unsuccessfully trying to reform the hospital system for two terms. At the end of 2017, he introduced the so-called hospital network. – A hospital that will enter the network will obtain stable funding for a period of four years – assured Konstanty Radziwiłł, the then Minister of Health. So many announcements, but the reality – from the perspective of the Bielański Hospital in Warsaw – is completely different.

– When the so-called hospital network was introduced, we started to be a deficit hospital. This is what the reform brought and since then it has been gradually getting worse – emphasizes Dorota Gałczyńska-Zych, director of the Bielański Hospital in Warsaw.

Since the first reform failed, a year and a half ago Adam Niedzielski announced the second hospital reform. It didn’t come into effect at all. At the moment, more than two hundred county hospitals are loss-making. This is confirmed by a report prepared, among others, by Professor Ewelina Nojszewska from the Warsaw School of Economics.

– Hospitals will not be able to function, i.e. treat people, and yet district hospitals are the largest group treating the largest part of the population – points out Professor Nojszewska. In her opinion, this will lead to a catastrophe.

We wanted to ask Adam Niedzielski today how he wants to improve this situation. For the second time this week he has refused to speak to us about it.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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