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Hot weekend, climate change and politicians’ decisions. Marcelina Zahanga and Urszula Zielińska comment

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Today, this hot summer is the coldest of those that await us – Urszula Zielińska, MP of the Greens, noted in “Fakty po Faktach”. – We will all feel the consequences of climate change – added Marcelina Zawisza, MP of the Left.

The guests of the Saturday edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 were MPs – Urszula Zielińska (Zieloni, Civic Coalition) and Marcelina Zawisza (Together, Left). In the face of an exceptionally hot Saturday across the country (35 degrees was recorded in some places in Poland) talked about global warming and what politicians can do about it.

Consequences of climate change ‘we will all feel’

Zielińska noted that “unfortunately, we know for sure from all research and information, even from subsequent reports of the intergovernmental panel for climate changethat today this hot summer is the coldest of those that await us.

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She recalled that “three global temperature records were broken last week.” – The previous record is from August 2016, so you can see that this warming is accelerating, quite rapidly and dramatically – she admitted.

Zawisza also pointed out that “we will all feel the consequences of climate change”.

– Because these are not only the temperatures felt in big cities, where it is basically impossible to go out, because it is so hot that we receive text messages so that seniors and children do not go out, hide in the shade and drink a lot of water, but it is also the issue is that in a moment we will have problems with drought again, with harvests and with the fact that people’s food security and also the economic security of those who produce this food will be at risk – she said.

She added that “we will again be at this stage where the state will have to figure out how to help farmers and, on the other hand, how to solve the problem of limited availability of food for people.”

Marcelina Zahanga and Urszula Zielińska in “Facts after Facts”TVN24

“We are on a path to warming the earth’s temperature by four degrees”

Zielińska reminded in the program that “on average in Poland, over the last 30 years, we have had about ten hot days on average per year.” – We are talking about hot days, with temperatures over 30 degrees – she explained.

– IPCC Report [Międzyrządowego Zespołu do spraw Zmian Klimatu – przyp. red.] says that after exceeding the temperature of the earth by one and a half degrees, this number of days will double, i.e. in Warsaw it will be about 20 days. We already recorded these 20 days last year, so Warsaw has already seen these levels of hot days and cities of similar size, which the IPCC report envisages as a goal, somewhere, which we are to achieve by 2030 – noted the MP.

What’s more, she said, “we are on a path to warming the Earth’s temperature by four degrees, and by warming it by four degrees, this number of hot days will increase eightfold.” – So from ten days for Warsaw it will increase to 80 hot days, over 30 degrees – she explained.

“It’s really shocking,” she admitted.

Air temperature in Poland on July 15 at 5 pmcmm.imgw.pl

“It’s a failure of this government”

In the conversation, a question was asked whether the quoted data is not a great failure of decision-making politicians.

– The first thing I thought about cities was words Mateusz Morawieckiwho wanted to fight against concreteosis – replied Zawisza. – I would like to remind you that it was his idea to introduce statutory regulations aimed at a systemic fight against concreting our cities, cutting down trees, pouring concrete wherever possible, only to enable better communication – she pointed out.

In her opinion, “this is a failure of this government.” – We are talking about the government that limited the possibility of erecting windmills and when one of the milestones of unlocking KPO [Krajowego Planu Odbudowy – red.] was that this windmill act should be loosened, they wrote an amendment on their knees to regulate it even more, despite the fact that everything had already been agreed and these windmills were supposed to be erected – she reminded.

– Looking at Law and JusticeI have no doubt that this is not a party that will protect us, protect farmers, protect the inhabitants of cities, towns and villages from the effects of the climate catastrophe, said the MP of the Left.

“We really need to get ready for this today”

Zielińska further pointed out that “it is really in our hands today whether it will be a course for absolute disaster.” – It will not be one big catastrophe, it will be a series of deepening catastrophes, there will be very deep droughts that last longer and longer, they will be at the level of the millennium flood that we remember in southern Poland. They will happen very soon, twice as often, she said.

“So we really have to prepare for that today,” she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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