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House inspired by the horror movie “The Conjuring” for sale / auction

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A $ 1.2 million haunted house has just been put up for sale. The property was the inspiration for the 2013 horror movie “Presence”. The current owners warn, however, that buyers must take into account the presence of other “household members”.

“Every now and then there is an opportunity to buy an amazing piece of history. The real story of the movie Presence began in this house in Harrisville, Rhode Island,” says Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty, a real estate agency that reads is responsible for its sale. The current owners made this house a tourist attraction, but before the fans of strong emotions started visiting them, it was the setting – not only film – of chilling events.


House from the horror movie “Presence” for sale

According to the aforementioned list, the 290-square-meter four-room farmhouse at 1677 Round Top Road has become one of the most famous haunted houses in the United States.

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The house where the Perron family, the protagonists of the movie “Presence”, lived in the 1970s, was haunted by the ghost of Bathsheba Sherman. Many legends have arisen around Sherman, but many events have been confirmed. One of the five Perron daughters, Andrea, dedicated a book to them. It was also confirmed by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who founded the oldest team of ghost hunters in New England and in the 1970s took care of this house.

We can see what the Perron and Warren struggle looked like in the film. The current owners are eager to talk about living in a haunted house. In 2019, they bought this property for PLN 439 thousand. Corey and Jennifer Heinzen dollars, whom the New York Post describes as paranormal investigators.

In an interview with the Sun Journal, Cory Heinzen confirmed that he and his family witnessed various unusual phenomena such as door openings, footsteps and knocking. He admitted that at first it was difficult for him to be at home alone.

“I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with it, but you can say that a lot of things are going on in it,” he said. The owners’ daughter, Madison, reported her experiences at home on TikTok. He mentions, inter alia, as at dinner, out of the corner of her eye she saw a ghost in a white dress and veil running past her. She told her parents about the whole event, who confirmed that she was not the first person to whom she appeared. Visitors to this haunted house could experience her presence. The Heinzen family made it a local attraction, allowing them to spend one night at home.

Decision to sell the house from the horror movie “Presence”

So where did the decision to sell it come from? Through their Facebook live coverage, Corey and Jennifer admitted that running this business has somewhat exceeded their capabilities and business skills, as have the costs incurred in renovating their home. That is why they decided to sell it. They noted, however, that they would be very picky about buyers. The new owner will be obliged to honor all bookings that are due until 2022.

There is quite a challenge for potential buyers. Living in a haunted house may be the biggest one. Of course, the family assures that during their stay, scenes like from the movie did not take place, but encourages the new owners to move “gently”.

As Heinzen mentioned in an interview with the Washington Post, the whole family slept in the same room for the first four months. “In addition to being scared, it was a sign of respect for the ghosts, we let them get used to us instead of rushing in,” he said.

Main photo source: Barry Chin / The Boston Globe / Getty Images

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