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House of Lords retirement age lowered. Media points to Joe Biden

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One of the first decisions of the new premiere Great Britain is to lower the retirement age for members of the House of Lords. Kei Stramer has decided that membership will expire after the age of 80.

House of Lords is the upper house of the bicameral parliament of the United Kingdom. In 2024, it has 790 members who were not elected in any elections. Membership of the House is hereditary or granted by the King on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. It can be granted to people with a lordship or exceptional merits for the state.

Changes in the UK. Echoes of Joe Biden's weak debate?

In media there were reportsThat the prime minister's decision was influenced by the presidential campaign Joe Bidenawho will soon turn 82. The current US president, who is running for re-election, has had several blunders that commentators have blamed on his advanced age.

After the presidential debate, where Joe Biden he has repeatedly made mistakes and lost his way, with even some Democrats asking him to drop out of the campaign. Rumors surrounding Stramer’s decision have been fueled by the fact that he is soon to meet with Joe Biden.

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The Prime Minister, however, denied that the current US President had anything to do with his new decision. He said that The House of Lords is too big and wants to limit the number of its members.

“That is the main reason for retiring at 80. You can understand why it has to be done. We have 800 members, it is simply too many. We have to reduce that number. So it has no bearing on how representatives are elected in other countries, it has to do with the size of the House of Lords,” the prime minister said.

Keir Starmer to Meet with Joe Biden

Keir Starmer will soon meet the president face to face for the first time USA Joe Bidenem. He told reporters that he hoped the bilateral meeting in Washington would provide an opportunity to discuss NATO and the relations between Great Britain and the USA.

– That's of course. very special relationships. There are specific aspects when it comes to defense and security, including our involvement in NATO, he told reporters.

Source: The Guardian, BBC

Gawkowski in “Graffiti” about changes in copyright law: The Prime Minister always makes the decision independently/Polsat News/Polsat News

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