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Housework. Krzysztof Pawiński, president of the Maspex Group, criticizes the announced change in schools

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New rules regarding housework are to come into force from April 2024. In primary schools, grades 1-3, there will be none at all. This is according to the announcements of government representatives. The changes were criticized on social media by Krzysztof Pawiński, president of the Maspex Group. The company is a giant on the food market. Its portfolio includes brands such as Kubuś, Tymbark, Łowicz and Krakus.

“Disturbing” – wrote Krzysztof Pawiński, president of the Maspex Group, on X (formerly Twitter) in response to the entry of Civic Coalition MP Kinga Gajewska, who announced the end of homework in primary schools from April.

“Governments are changing, and the erosion of education is progressing,” Pawiński said. The entrepreneur posted a list of “educational sins, selectively and subjectively chosen.” There was a ban on housework.

Krzysztof Pawiński, president of the Maspex GroupGrzegorz Michałowski/PAP

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Moreover, Pawiński drew attention to: the withdrawal of compulsory mathematics from high school leaving exams Democratic Left Alliancelowering the point thresholds for passing the high school leaving examination by the coalition of Law and Justice, Self-Defense and the League of Polish Families, reducing the scope of teaching science subjects (e.g. physics) at the primary level by the Civic Platform, and closing down junior high schools and pauperizing the teaching profession by PIS.

Krzysztof Pawiński heads the Maspex Group, a leading company in the food industry not only in Poland but also in Central and Eastern Europe. The company owns brands such as Tymbark, Nestea, Lubella, Łowicz, Kotlin, Krakus, as well as alcohols: Żubrówka, Soplica and Bols.

Changes in housework

Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Friday that from April this year new rules regarding housework will apply. Work on a regulation on this matter is underway. – No homework in grades 1 to 3, except sometimes a poem. From 4th to 8th grade, homework is for volunteers only and without grading. As for high schools, have fun during the holidays, said the head of government in a recording posted on website X.

Prime Minister Tusk recalled the statement of a student from August last year, who said that “this is a general problem of Polish schools, that children’s rights are being violated. Homework assignments on the weekend, tests on Monday.”

Limitation of homework by the Minister of National Education Barbara Nowacka she announced when taking office. She then appealed to teachers not to assign homework on holidays.

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