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Housework was supposed to be a thing of the past. “We don't know when this regulation will come into force”

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One of the election promises is to be changes in housework. They were supposed to be gone for the youngest students from April, but the closer to this historic event, the more complicated the matter becomes.

There is waiting in schools because something new is coming. – You can study at school. You don't have to send anything home, says one of the students. – (Homework – editor's note) is ok, but only when there is little of it – adds another student.

The discussion about housework began during the election campaign. Then a specific date came. “I solemnly announce: this problem will no longer exist. New housework rules from April,” Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced in one of the videos on social media.

Meanwhile, there are two weeks left until April. – Students ask us all the time and very often they say during lessons: “but these homework assignments only last until April,” says Magdalena Kaszulanis from the Polish Teachers' Union. – Of course, this will require some type of training and increased motivation among teachers. We are already preparing for this – adds Anna Listewnik, principal of Primary School No. 57 in Gdańsk.

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However, the closer to April, the more questions about specific solutions multiply. – We don't have these regulations, we don't have a regulation. We only have a project, Kaszulanis points out. – We do not know when this regulation will come into force. We don't know when it will be published, whether it will be the beginning of April or mid-April. In fact, the later, the worse – points out Dr. Iga Kazimierczyk, president of the Space for Education Foundation, Free School Initiative.

Nowacka: homework in primary schools is a huge burdenTVN24

When will the regulation appear?

Deputy Minister of Education Katarzyna Lubnauer assures that the regulation will be issued in March. – It will be ready for Minister Nowacka's signature on March 25 – he informs.

In addition, there are two weeks after which the regulations will come into force. – As we promised, the regulation will enter into force in April – Lubnauer reassures.

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The Ministry of National Education's project assumes that teachers do not assign written or practical homework to students in grades I-III. In grades 4–8, the teacher may assign such work to the student – it is optional and not for a grade. However, the Ministry wants to change this project. – We want to make it clear that we mean practical and technical work, because previously the term was practical – explains the deputy minister of education.

However, this is not the end of the changes. The exception to written homework for students of the youngest grades will be exercises improving the so-called fine motor skills – obligatory and with a possible grade. – Although the child will not have written assignments, he or she will be able to draw patterns – says Krystyna Szumilas, chairwoman of the education, science and youth committee, MP from the Civic Coalition.

The Ministry announces changes to the draft changes after receiving the opinions from the consultations, but there will also be questions here. – We are currently waiting for the publication of all three hundred opinions submitted to this project, as we have learned – says Kazimierczyk. The Deputy Minister of Education announces that a consultation report with comments will be published soon.

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