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Housing Account. PKO Bank Polski, Alior Bank, VeloBank, Bank BPS want to introduce the Housing Account to the offer – the First Apartment program

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PKO Bank Polski, Alior Bank, VeloBank and Bank BPS are working on introducing Konto Mieszkaniowe to their offer, according to information provided to TVN24 Biznes. The Housing Account is one of the pillars of the First Apartment program, which is intended to help you save for the purchase of an apartment. There will be several conditions. The decision to introduce the new solution has not yet been made at ING Bank Śląski, Bank BNP Paribas and Bank Millennium. On the other hand, mBank’s priority is to introduce Safe Credit 2 percent to its offer.

The Housing Account is one of the elements of the First Apartment program. The purpose of this solution is to help in saving for the purchase of a flat. A housing account can be set up by persons who are at least 13 years old and not more than 45 years old.

According to the assumptions, systematic payments – at least 11 payments per year in the amount of at least PLN 500 – are to guarantee an additional housing bonus from the state budget. The bonus will be equal to the annual index inflation or the index of change in the price value of 1 m2 of usable floor space of a residential building. Each year, an indicator more favorable for the saver is to be selected. Savings will additionally bear interest in accordance with the bank’s offer, while interest will be exempt from the so-called beam tax.

Housing account in banks

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Bank Pekao was the first to introduce the Housing Account to its offer. The offer is available from Monday, July 10.

PKO BP assumes that “Konto Mieszkaniowe will appear in the offer of PKO Bank Polski by the end of this year”. “We will keep you updated on the details on our website,” TVN24 Biznes informed the press office of the largest bank in Poland. It informs about the same date VeloBank. – We are currently working on the concept and the final shape of the housing account offer. Its implementation is planned by the end of the fourth quarter of this year, said Artur Newecki, spokesman for VeloBank.

Bank BPS also assured us that we are planning to implement Konto Mieszkaniowe into our offer. “We are currently working on this product and we have not yet worked out the details of the offer. We have not yet decided on the date of its implementation” – we read in the reply sent to us.

Alior Bank declared that “it is working on implementing the Housing Account to the offer as soon as possible”. “The conditions of running Konto Mieszkaniowe will be in accordance with the act regulating the rules of its operation. The interest rate parameters of the account are still being determined. However, it will be run without fees and commissions, in accordance with the condition set out in the act introducing this form of saving” – it was assured.

Alior Bank informed us that in the initial phase of the implementation, Konto Mieszkaniowe can be opened only in Alior Bank outlets. The Bank will carry out further work on the development of this offer and making the application for opening an account in electronic banking available.

When asked about interest in the new offer, representatives of Alior Bank explained that “at the initial stage of introducing a housing account, it is difficult to assess its potential, especially since we are talking about a new product”. “We estimate that the product will be most popular among the group meeting the statutory age requirement of 13-45. In the 13-18 age group, parents wanting to take care of their children’s future will be able to start long-term and regular savings to secure the housing needs of their children. A similar interest in the housing account may be enjoyed by the group of 18-26 year olds, i.e. people who start their first job and think about saving for their first real estate. own contribution on a mortgage loan. An important element of the program is also the housing bonus, which is an additional incentive for savers.

“On the other hand, we have a requirement of monthly payments to the account of a minimum of PLN 500, which in turn may limit the group of interested parties” – representatives of Alior Bank pointed out.

“We are still analyzing the matter”

The analysis continues in mBank. “We are at the stage of analyzing this topic. Currently, we are focusing on the implementation of the 2 percent loan, which is to take place in the third quarter of this year. The introduction of the account is the next step,” the bank’s representatives indicated in a response sent to TVN24 Biznes.

The decision to introduce the Housing Account has not yet been made Bank Millennium and Bank BNP Paribas.

– The Housing Account is one of the elements of the First Apartment program. Bank Millennium is analyzing the adopted statutory solutions regarding the so-called Secure credit. We plan to make a decision on this matter in the second half of the year – informed Krzysztof Kurek from Bank Millennium.

“We are still analyzing the topic, we have not yet made a decision on joining the program” – indicated the press office of Bank BNP Paribas. The analysis continues in ING Bank Śląski.

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