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Housing loans. DNB Bank Polska offers redemption of up to 10 percent of the loan

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DNB Bank Polska offers its customers the redemption of the part of the capital remaining to be repaid on a mortgage loan indexed to the euro or the Swiss franc. To do this, you must submit an application to the bank. The redemption may amount to a maximum of 10 percent of the outstanding amount. Other banks are offering CHF settlements.

Since 2012, DNB Bank Polska has been implementing a strategy of limiting its operations. In the latest announcement, it was announced that the bank’s management board decided to resume the special offer “Mortgage loan overpayments at a discount” enabling the total repayment of a mortgage loan at a discount of 10%. and partial overpayment with a discount of 1 percent. at 10 percent capital overpayments.

Currency mortgages

The offer is addressed to customers who have mortgage products in euros or Swiss francs. The condition for taking advantage of the offer is the repayment of all overdue receivables under the mortgage loan agreement.

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We offer you to make a partial or complete repayment of the mortgage loan on the basis of a one-time, early repayment of a specified part of the outstanding capital according to the repayment schedule after converting the amount of debt at the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland on the date of execution of the overpayment instruction – in exchange for redemption of part of the mortgage loan debt. in the message.

To take advantage of the offer, you must submit an application-instruction no later than April 21 this year. It must be accepted by the bank. The form is available on the bank’s website.

The offer was launched at the beginning of February and is to last until April 30, 2023, “whereby the loan may be repaid by April 24, 2023 at the latest.” – we read.

Some banks have started offering CHF settlements. mBank announced at the end of January that customers repaying loans in the Swiss franc have so far signed over 2,800 settlements. Earlier, PKO Bank Polski announced that it had concluded over 20,000 contracts so far. settlements with frankowiczów. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Bank Millennium concluded over 1.3 thousand. settlements, and in the entire last year it was over 7.9 thousand. agreements.

Changing the business profile

In 2019, we reported that DNB Bank Polska launched an unusual offer for its individual clients. In exchange for giving up banking products, customers could receive up to PLN 1,000.

The reason is the change in the profile of the bank’s operations in Poland. At that time, the bank announced that retail customer accounts would be closed from November 29, 2019. The bank will continue to consistently implement the strategy of a specialist corporate bank serving the largest companies from selected sectors of the economy and will significantly reduce the provision of services to individual customers in the field of handling non-mortgage products.

Mortgage products held by the bank are still serviced through technical accounts opened for this purpose.

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