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Housing loans – June 2023. Return on the housing loan market – BIK has released new data

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In June 2023, a total of 19.51 thousand potential borrowers applied for a mortgage. This means an increase of 12.8 percent compared to the same period last year, according to the data of the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). At the same time, compared to May, the number of people applying for housing loans fell by 1.6 percent.

In June 2022, 19.51 thousand applied for a mortgage loan. potential borrowers. Now their number has increased by 12.8 percent. up to 22.01 thous. This is a result of 1.6 percent. worse than in May. The latest data show that last month, on a working day basis, banks and credit unions sent BIK requests for housing loans for an amount higher by 26.5 percent. compared to June 2022.

The average value of a housing loan applied for in June this year amounted to PLN 382.06 thousand. PLN and was higher by 12.1 percent. in relation to the values ​​from June 2022. Compared to May 2023, it was higher by 0.7 percent.

Home loans – June 2023

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Chief Analyst of the BIK Group, dr hab. Waldemar Rogowski assessed that “the indicator best showing the current situation of demand for housing loans is the number of people applying for a housing loan in the current market situation”.

– In this aspect, June this year again brought the number of applicants at the level of over 22,000. In addition to the increase in creditworthiness, which was caused not only by the decrease in the buffer, but also by the increase in salaries (their real value is less and less negative), there will be one more reason for the increased interest in housing loans. It is the government program First Apartment launched at the beginning of July this year – he noted.

– On the one hand, waiting for it to start held up decisions on taking out a loan by potential beneficiaries. On the other hand, it may accelerate decisions on taking out a market loan by those people who will not be able to take advantage of the program for formal reasons. In my opinion, they are afraid of two things: problems with the banks processing their applications at the start of the program (the possibility of extending the period of application processing) and the increase in real estate prices, both in primary marketand secondary, due to the emergence of an additional demand stimulus generated by subsidized loans, explained the analyst.

According to Rogowski, the situation on the housing loan market is improving. “To sum up, we can already say that summer is not only outside the window, but also on the housing loan market. The sun in June warmed up to 26.5 percent, and in July and August you can even forecast heatwaves” – predicts the main analyst of the BIK Group.


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