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Housing prices will no longer be a secret. The authorities want to launch the Housing Price Portal

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Portal of Housing Prices – the government praises its own idea, because in one place you will be able to find real-life prices, not only from offers. When the authors of the portal praise, experts look at the details. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Mrs. Dagny Kuc wants to buy a flat. Location and price are the most important for her. – I’ve been looking for an apartment since the beginning of May. I collected offers from developers during this period, and when I come back to them now, I see a significant increase in prices, the woman points out.

The prices of new apartments and those used are changing. Those who do not follow the market on an ongoing basis may get lost, because it is difficult to find data on the current value of real estate in Poland.

We need this information. Both buyers, so that they do not overpay for apartments, and sellers, so that they do not let themselves be fooled and sell much below the market price, emphasizes Bartosz Turek, chief analyst at HRE Investment Trust.

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Apartment prices will no longer be a secret, announces the Ministry of Development and Technology. In the middle of next year, the Housing Price Portal is to be launched. – In case of primary market this will be information coming from developers, while in the case of the secondary market, the project assumes that it will be information made available by the National Revenue Administration on the basis of data taken from notarial deeds, indicates Damian Ziąber, the spokesperson of the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

The database will be incomplete at the start

Data on prices can be found in many portals – in this new one, however, they will be more precise, because they are not about offers, but about transactions. We will find out for how much customers actually buy the property, not how much sellers wanted to sell it for.

– The idea to create such a register is good, but the register that will be created will not have much in common with reality – believes property appraiser and real estate market analyst Piotr Krochmal.

In his opinion, the data from the ministry’s website will not give customers a full picture of reality. – The price quoted in the land and mortgage register is quoted together with the associated rooms. That is, with a storage room, a cellar, and often also a garage, he points out.

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– Nevertheless, we can still confidently assume that it is precise enough to show us even more transparent price rates for properties of a given type or in a given area – believes Damian Ziąber.

Prices from all over the country are to be posted on the portal. The Internet user will be able to choose, among others, the city, area, number of rooms, floor or type of property.

– The act says that transaction prices executed by entrepreneurs will not be registered there, only by natural persons, developer entities. It’s hard to organize. Already on a good day, this database will be incomplete – indicates Maciej Górka, an expert on the real estate market.

Analysts predict an increase in housing prices

The base is expected to be ready in about a year. There are many indications that the prices we will find there will be higher than the current ones.

– I do not expect a decline in housing prices in Poland, quite the opposite. I expect that within a year the prices may go up by at least a few, if not a dozen or so percent, suspects Bartosz Turek.

According to a real estate market analyst, it’s all down to a fall in interest rates on loans, a program dubbed by the government as “2 percent safe credit” and a spike in construction costs. For customers, the price is often crucial, and knowledge about changing prices may even be the most valuable.

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