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How does the state fight waste mafias? The police have just detained 51 members of one of them

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If hazardous waste were to be legally disposed of, it would cost nearly half a billion zlotys. Instead, they transported the barrels and Mausers to rented properties in six voivodeships and left them there. 51 members of the criminal group that abandoned 70,000 tons of waste have already been detained.

Charges were brought against 51 people and, according to the prosecutor's office, this is not the end. The suspects allegedly created an organized criminal group that, regardless of the environment, people's health and life, made a fortune from toxic waste imported to Poland.

– Companies were established using the data of fake people. These entities leased further areas – said Krzysztof Kopania from the District Prosecutor's Office in Łódź.

Among others, in Topola Królewska in the Łódź province or on Augustówka Street in Warsaw, in old warehouses or hangars, they allegedly planted ecological bombs on the residents.

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A crime with panache

– They made over three thousand transports of waste, with a total weight of approximately 70,000 tons – said Commander Mariusz Kurczyk from the Police Headquarters.

According to the prosecutor's office, it was a large-scale crime, planned for a long time. The parent company, several subcontractors for fictitious disposal, nearly 170 transport companies for exclusive use and thousands of fabricated invoices. The suspects were allegedly laundering money on an as yet unknown scale and stealing from the State Treasury.

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The illegal landfill in Częstochowa, full of toxic waste, is starting to be liquidatedPaweł Szot/Fakty TVN

– We estimate that up to PLN 1,600,000 in VAT could have been extorted – said senior aspirant Beata Bińczyk from the Chamber of Tax Administration in Łódź.

Experts have estimated the cost of disposal of what is now in these eco-bombs at at least half a billion zlotys. Radom has two of them and is already facing them.

The Law and Justice government promised to deal with the garbage mafia

– Unfortunately, based on the law that was changed in the previous term by Law and Justice, the obligation to dispose of this waste and transport it rests with the city – informs Katarzyna Kalinowska, deputy mayor of Radom.

The government of Law and Justice six years ago, when landfills began to burn massively, promised to deal with the garbage mafia, but it did nothing, even when the reportage of the “Black and White” program on TVN24 shocked Poland, because it turned out that criminals were transporting illegal goods. extremely dangerous landfills, so-called red water – waste from TNT production, from a Polish state-owned enterprise.

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This is a state problem, because no local government can handle it on its own. The Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection – in a report from March – counted over 300 such places.

“The minnows were caught, not the whole gang”

– This exchange of information regarding documentation is, at least, evidence in the case, which is used by the police – said Maciej Karczyński from the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection.

The Prime Minister gave the Ministry of Climate and Environment several dozen hours to prepare a report on what is not working in this matter and why. – Court trials and prosecutorial trials took absolutely too long. Roaches were caught, not the entire gang, not the entire garbage mafia, and this absolutely needs to be improved – said Anita Sowińska, deputy minister of climate and environment.

The Ministry assures that it has a draft bill that will allow it to fight the waste mafia.

Main photo source: Police

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