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Sunday, November 28, 2021

How Kate Middleton Is Really Managing to Keep Calm Following Prince Harry’s Big Exit

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More than happy to log extra appearances gripping and grinning in her hosiery and L.K. Bennett pumps, “It’s the suggestion that she resents her duty and hard work which has upset her,” an insider told Vanity Fair of the Tatler piece. “She takes her role very seriously and has been working harder than ever. The idea she feels trapped and exhausted simply isn’t the case.”

Particularly when the 38-year-old has just found her stride. 

Having worked on the particulars for awhile now, 2020 was to be the year Kate went public in a big way, the mother to Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2, agreeing to whatever bookings would help spread the word about her groundbreaking “5 Big Questions on the Under Fives” survey, meant to help further direct her efforts in providing assistance to young children, their parents and caregivers.

Should that mean sitting down for her very first podcast with Happy Mum, Happy Baby‘s host Giovanna Fletcher, she’s ready with relatable anecdotes about the mom guilt struggle. “Yes, absolutely—and anyone who doesn’t as a mother is actually lying!” she said when asked if she’s experienced that familiar pang. “Yep—all the time. You know, even this morning, coming to the nursery visit here, George and Charlotte were like, ‘Mummy, how could you possibly not be dropping us off at school this morning?'”

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