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How Marie Antoinette Reveals the Royal’s Weird Make-up Practices

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Caroline Dubois – Capa Drama / Banijay Studios France / Les Gens / Canal+ by way of PBS

Cosmetics would’ve served one other goal as effectively, in keeping with the make-up artist, who stated it helped “masks the situations.”

On the time, cosmetics were formulated with lead—a poisonous steel identified to trigger hypertension, kidney injury and different well being points, per the World Health Organization. Specifically, the most well-liked pores and skin whitener used amongst royals and different aristocrats was referred to as Venetian ceruse or Spirits of Saturn. The lead-based product would’ve left the wearer with scars, spots and disfigurements, which is why they’d apply extra layers of it onto their face to cowl up their imperfections. Thus, creating a vicious cycle.

Marie’s devotion to magnificence went past portray her face although.

In her analysis, Mathilde found that the empress concocted her personal elixirs, creating the well-known face wash Eau Cosmetique de Pigeon—”which, sure, was crafted utilizing the hen itself,” the make-up artist shared. “Based on the Toilette of Well being, Magnificence, and Vogue, the recipe included the juice of water lilies, melons, cucumbers and lemons, in addition to the crumbs of French rolls, white wine and stewed pigeons.”

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Marie would then tone her pores and skin with Eau des Charmes, an astringent made from drops exuded by grapevines in Might.

“Her signature face masks, which remains to be widespread in France at the moment,” Mathidle famous, “was constructed from two teaspoons of circulation-stimulating cognac, 1/3 cup of dry milk powder, brightening lemon juice and one egg white.”

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