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How much does a funeral cost? Costs are rising, funeral benefits have not changed for years

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The death of a loved one is a cruel loss. In funeral homes, you can see that no one wants to save money at funerals, but sometimes you have to. Funerals are getting more expensive, and the funeral grant has been the same for years. So far, there is no indication that this is about to change. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

In times when everything is more expensive, it is also more expensive to die. – Funerals are expensive too. It’s the same economic activitylike baking bread and car production, says Krzysztof Wolicki, president of the Polish Funeral Association.

The death of a loved one is a huge loss. In funeral homes, you can see that no one wants to save money at funerals, but sometimes you have to. Krzysztof Wolicki admits that sometimes relatives of the deceased give up buying flowers, and sometimes they prefer to buy a cheaper pine coffin instead of an oak coffin.

How much does a funeral cost?

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Unless necessary, we rarely ask ourselves the crucial question of how much a funeral costs. – It all depends on the type of funeral, whether it’s a funeral at a cemetery or cremation – points out Artur Sierawski from the “Memoria” Funeral Home in Jabłonna.

Cremation is a bit cheaper. The cost of a funeral depends on whether the family already has a place in the cemetery or not. Here the differences are the greatest, because they depend on the region and whether it is a parish or municipal cemetery.

Journalists compared the prices of places at the municipal cemetery for one coffin in an earth grave for 20 years. The most expensive is in Warsaw.

– The average cost of buying a new place at the municipal cemetery in Warsaw with a burial and a mass, and servicing a funeral parlor, is about PLN 20,000, if we have absolutely nothing – says Artur Sierawski.

The costs of funerals are rising, the funeral allowance has not changed for yearsTVN24

Funeral benefit has not changed for years

The amount of the funeral allowance is PLN 4,000 – this amount has not changed for over 11 years. In smaller towns, the price of a funeral ranges from a few to several thousand zlotys. Unofficially, we hear that the necessary minimum cost is from PLN 5,500 for cremation to PLN 8,000 for a traditional funeral.

– If only four or five years ago, where inflation was (at the level of – ed.) one-two percent, these four thousand zlotys were quite enough. Now this benefit is going down terribly – explains Krzysztof Wolicki.

A plot at a cemetery costs PLN 2,000 on average, a modest coffin costs PLN 1,000, and a mass costs another several hundred zlotys. In addition, there are fees for transporting the body and preparing for the funeral.

– In some towns where there is no municipal cemetery, the Church or curia dictate prices, as in Brzeziny or Bełchatów near Łódź, where residents fight against the so-called cemetery exploitation – points out Hanna Gill-Piątek.

Appeals for an increase in the funeral allowance

An unaffiliated MP has been calling for an increase in the amount of the allowance for years. In April, the Ministry of Family and Social Policy replied that it was analyzing it, but the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki stresses that such work is not ongoing.

– I think it would be good for the prime minister to learn that families have to take out a loan to bury their loved ones – emphasizes Hanna Gill-Piątek.

The Polish Funeral Association also has its own idea. – We are collecting signatures on a petition to have this benefit at the level of the national average updated quarterly. I think that it will not be raised anyway, because it is not a media thing and it will not be successful at funerals, at the death of political capital, believes Krzysztof Wolicki.

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