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How much in Poland is spent on furnishing and maintaining the house? Housing expenditure analysis

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Home maintenance and equipment costs about a quarter of our budgets, according to an analysis by HRE Investments, which cited Eurostat data. A similar size of household budgets is spent on housing expenses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany.

“Even before the epidemic, it was a rule that from year to year the costs of maintaining and running a house were consumed by a smaller and smaller part of the household budget. It was justified because the incomes of citizens grew, so after paying the bills it was enough for them to do more pleasures than eating and housing. The epidemic has partially changed that, “reports HRE on Monday.


How much does home maintenance and furnishings spend in the EU? Poland in the lead

Analysts indicate that – according to GUS data – incomes continued to grow, but also housing spending. In their opinion, this is partly due to the fact that many people decided to have the renovation carried out during the pandemic.

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“Many of us were also forced to rearrange flats. In addition, household budgets experienced increases in the cost of garbage disposal and electricity prices. Sewerage services, water supply and household maintenance services also increased. for the maintenance of the apartment and its equipment “- experts from HRE Investments add.

HRE Investments

Eurostat data show that Poles are among the European leaders in terms of the share of housing expenditure in the general household budget. The same is true in the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany. In all of these countries, housing expenditure absorbs from 25 percent. up to 32 percent home budgets.

According to HRE, the high result in lower income countries (Poland, Slovakia) is not surprising. The norm is that with low wages, money is spent primarily on basic things (maintenance, food). Our southern neighbors also owe their high results to the high prices of energy.

“In the case of the other countries mentioned – where earnings are much higher than ours – the reasons are slightly different. Eurostat suggests, for example, that a large part of the household statistical budget of a Swiss, German, Danish, Dutch or Finnish is absorbed by rent. it is hardly surprising – renting is much more popular in these countries than in our country, and moreover, more expensive than on the Vistula River “- HRE pointed out.

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