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How much money to put in an envelope for the first communion in 2023

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First Holy Communion, in addition to the religious dimension, is also associated with gifts for a young person. It has been assumed that instead of an electronic gadget or a bicycle, it can be an envelope with money. However, many of us wonder how much to put into it? Different amounts are said in the context of godparents, grandparents, and others in relation to a slightly distant family.

The first communion season is about to begin. On this occasion, many people give envelopes of cash to children. Even if money should not play the main role on this occasion, many people ask themselves how much to give for a gift on the occasion of the first holy communion.

The basis of the issue is, of course, financial possibilities. At the same time, much depends on the degree of kinship and role in the life of the child.

How much cash to give on the occasion of the first Holy Communion?

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If we are an ordinary guest, it is currently assumed that it is not appropriate to put in less than PLN 100. Rather, it should be an amount of PLN 200 or 300. Of course, we can always put more in the envelope.

Godparents – how much do they give for communion?

If we are the child’s godparent and we do not give him any additional gift, the envelope may contain from PLN 500 to PLN 1,500. This is assuming that we are close to our family and, above all, we can afford it.

first communion. How much do grandparents give?

For close family members, a bit like in the case of the aforementioned godparents, the amounts are slightly higher than for ordinary guests.

Grandparents, wanting to pamper their grandson or granddaughter, often give, for example, PLN 500, and a medal, a rosary or a Bible. A close uncle or aunt can give from PLN 300 to PLN 400.

Donating money is not always appropriate

Before we decide how much money to put in the envelope for the First Holy Communion, it is worth asking the parents whether such a gift will be well received by them and the child. Perhaps they want to focus on the spiritual dimension of this holiday and limit its financial dimension.

It’s the same with minor gifts, it’s better to ask beforehand than to give your child another cross on a gold chain or a third version of the children’s bible.

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