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How much to put in an envelope for a wedding? The research results

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How much to spend on a wedding gift or how much to put in an envelope for this occasion? According to the “Polaków Own Portfolio” study commissioned by Santander Consumer Bank, every fourth respondent wants to allocate from PLN 301 to PLN 500 for this purpose. Another 18 percent indicated that it would be between PLN 701 and PLN 1,000.

According to the study “Poles’ Own Wallet: Spring Challenges 2023” of Santander Consumer Bank, 25 percent. Poles intend to spend from PLN 301 to PLN 500 on an envelope/wedding gift at family or friends. “This answer was most often given by residents of large cities with more than 250,000 people (32%), earning from PLN 3,000 to 3,999 net (46%) and the youngest respondents aged 18-29 (30%)” – it was stated.

How much do we put in the envelope?

18 percent of respondents declared an amount from PLN 701 to PLN 1,000. According to the report, this group was dominated by people aged 40-49 (34%) and people with the highest income with net income of PLN 7,000 and above (42%). “It is worth noting here that people with lower earnings from PLN 2,000 to PLN 2,999 per hand (22 percent) often answered this” – it was found.

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According to Ewa Cegielska from Santander Consumer Bank, quoted in the message, 16 percent. Poles declare that they are ready to spend on the so-called an envelope or a gift for the bride and groom, an amount over PLN 1,000.


The biggest costs associated with the wedding

According to the results of the survey, the most financially burdensome expenses related to the organization of a wedding were indicated by the respondents, among others: the cost of the hall and catering (83%), alcohol and drinks (36%), the price of the band or DJ and the entertainer (34%) .), the purchase of a wedding dress and a suit for the groom (26%) and the cost of a photographer and videographer (19%).

The survey was commissioned by Santander Consumer Bank using standardized computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) conducted by the Market and Social Research Institute (IBRiS) in March 2023. A representative group of 1,001 adult Poles participated in the survey.

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