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How to avoid the unhealthy consequences of grilling? Some tips from scientists

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An important warning before the long weekend – grilled sausage can be with the addition of smoke, and this smoke contains a lot of harmful substances. Scientists advise how to partially avoid the consequences of holiday feasting.

Scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology, including Artur Badyda, PhD, engineer, systematically check how much of what can be in the barbecue smoke. The sensors detected, among other things, huge amounts of benzo(a)pyrene. The same that comes out of cigarettes and chimneys. – A lot of this benzo(a)pyrene circulates in the air in winter in Poland and we expose ourselves to it when grilling food. Especially meat on these traditional grills. In the case of a gas or electric grill, these emissions were an order, two orders of magnitude lower, says Artur Badyda, PhD.

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How to grill healthier?

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So what to do, grill healthier? Avoid standing in smoke as much as possible. Let’s choose, if possible, gas and electric grills. Let’s grill on coasters, not without. Choose vegetables and lean meats. For example, poultry with a lot of marinade. – In about 80 percent of cases, the use of the marinade, by introducing, among others, various health-promoting compounds, such as phenolic compounds, reduces the formation of these polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, i.e. reduces the risk resulting from the consumption of such food – adds Rafał Wołosiak, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology of the Main School Farm.

Thanks to all these tips, you can – at least partially – avoid the unhealthy consequences of holiday feasting.

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