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How to find a grave? Where is the deceased buried? [Wyszukiwarki grobów i lokalizatory]

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How to find the grave of a deceased person? Grave finders can help. After entering the data, you will often find information on which cemetery a specific person is buried in, sometimes also in which sector and row of the necropolis you will find the grave, and even a photo of it. We tell you how to look for the graves of your loved ones.

We usually know the graves of our loved ones very well, we take care of them and visit them often, especially on days such as November 1. But what if we want to find the grave of a distant relative, a deceased friend, or any other person? There are many options, and grave search engines are available to help – from large international ones with millions of data on the deceased, nationwide and city ones, to small local ones, related to a specific cemetery. We show you how to look for specific graves.

Most often, search engines will require you to enter basic data, such as name, surname, town, specific cemetery, or date of death (more or less approximate). In most cases, it is enough to enter the name for the results to appear, but additional data will allow for a more precise search. Of course, it may happen that some deceased persons may not be included in the registers because, for example, they died recently and their data have not yet been entered into the online registers. Then, however, it is worth trying to use other search engines – for a city or a specific cemetery. However, if we cannot find a specific grave online, and if we know what cemetery it is located in, it is best to contact the cemetery manager – by phone or in person.

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How to find a grave. Popular grave finders

Popular choice There are nationwide or part-of-our-country search engines for graves and cemeteries. Among the most popular is GroboNet website – nationwide search engine for buried people, connected to a database of over 1,300 cemeteries throughout the country. As we read on the website, the database of buried people is constantly updated by cemetery administrators.

Another popular choice is WebCemetery. According to the information on the website, the database contains data on some cemeteries and exactly 15,268,442 entries (data from the website).

They are also a well-known website Graveswhere we will find – according to the website itself – 898,324 graves and 1,574,450 buried people.

The next page is eCemeteries with data on 509,927 graves and 843,010 buried people.

We can also find deceased people on the website Book of the Dead.

International search engines can also be effective. Find A Grave website collects information about the deceased around the world, but also has a lot of data about graves in Poland. It works similarly Billion Graves website and a search engine placed there.

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How to find the graves of loved ones in Warsaw – search engines

There are several possibilities to find graves in Warsaw itself. If the deceased was buried in one of the municipal cemeteries, you can try to find the grave there Search engine of the Municipal Cemeteries Management Board. According to information from the website, it includes such necropolises as the Southern Cemetery (14,359 buried), the Northern Cemetery (213,666), the Military Cemetery (74,421), the Southern Cemetery (12,024), the Northern Cemetery (130,029) and the Military Cemetery (40 299).

It may also be useful map with search engine of the Warsaw City Hall

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How to find a grave? Grave finders in large cities

Collective search engines in large cities may be helpful, although they do not have to cover all cemeteries. Most often, they allow you to search for graves from municipal cemeteries.

Search engine Board of Municipal Cemeteries in Wrocław.

Grave locator Board of Municipal Cemeteries in Krakow.

List of graves from search engine in Poznań. The project was initiated by the Poznań City Hall.

Municipal Cemeteries in Łódź – page with search engine.

Burial place search engine in Gdańsk includes data from nine municipal cemeteries there

Search engines for individual cemeteries

We can also search on the websites of individual cemeteries. Many of them, especially the larger ones, have their own search engines or maps that can help find the graves of loved ones. For example, the famous Bródno Cemetery (Bródzieński) in the capital can be visited on page. The largest necropolis in Poland – the Central Cemetery in Szczecin – has the ability to search. It is also the third largest cemetery in Europe. It has been operating since December 6, 1901, and since then over 300,000 people have been buried here. dead. You can look for the graves of your loved ones on the search engine burial places with a database from 1945.

Entrance to the Central Cemetery in Szczecintvn24

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