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How to protect your data held by medical facilities? “Let’s keep our fingers crossed”

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Hackers want ransom and threaten to reveal the results of medical tests of thousands of Poles from the ALAB laboratory. It was not possible to locate and stop them. It is not known what the responsible services are doing, except that they advise citizens to take care of their own digital security.

Criminals keep 12,000 people in check. They threaten to end the year with a bang and on New Year’s Eve they will make public sensitive data stolen from the ALAB laboratory, along with 55,000 laboratory test results from the last few years.

– The whole case shows the growing importance of data and the growing risks associated with their use. This shows that we must ensure that we have a strong, effective and efficient Personal Data Protection Office – emphasizes Wojciech Klicki from the Panoptykon Foundation.

Politicians are to nominate a candidate for the new head of the Personal Data Protection Office by Monday. The current boss is silent about the data leak, and the office advises to take matters into its own hands. “Creating an account in the credit and business information system to monitor your credit activity and be even more careful when providing data via the Internet or telephone,” we read in the announcement. This is currently the most effective way to make life difficult for criminals, but even without this advice, the Credit Information Bureau experienced, as we read in the correspondence to consumers registered with the office, “extreme workload on the hotline”.

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Piotr Konieczny from niebezpiecznik.pl about the leak of data of Polish citizensTVN24

How to protect yourself?

It is worth checking whether our data has been leaked on the websitebezpieczdane.gov.pl. It’s not just about someone knowing the state of our health. Criminals will certainly try to turn such a leak into profit.

– The PESEL reservation service has now been launched, it is not fully operational yet, it will be fully operational from June next year, but we can already reserve this PESEL and this is what we should also do, we should be aware of it, so that no one takes out a loan for our data – explains Cyprian Gutkowski from the Safe Cyberspace Foundation.

Knowing our name, surname and PESEL number is a ticket to stealing our identity. – Our data is safe until someone steals it. Unfortunately, we entrust our data to various companies with which we cooperate, and we still have no control over it – notes Prof. Wojciech Cellary from WSB Merito University in Poznań.

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It would be easier to maintain control in medical facilities if the regulations from 17 years ago were changed, because they require detailed patient data, regardless of whether the patient is being tested for a cold or HIV virus.

– Patients can really only keep their fingers crossed that the companies that process their data – medical facilities, medical practices, clinics, hospitals, every doctor, every nurse who has access to the system – take care of IT security – says Piotr Necessary from Niebezpiecznik.pl.

The Minister of Development and Technology, Marlena Maląg, has been elusive for two days. The Ministry consistently refers us to its former boss, who no longer has any influence on citizens’ cyber protection.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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