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How to provide cheap energy, renewable energy sources. Klaudia Jachira and Miłosz Motyka comment

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“Unlocking” wind energy on land, investing in photovoltaics and facilitating the thermal modernization of buildings – these are Klaudia Jachira’s recipes from the KO club to provide Poland with cheap energy. She talked about it in the “#BezKitu Campaign” on TVN24. PSL spokesman Miłosz Motyka said that “it is very important that we finally start thinking about the economy as a system of communicating vessels.” He also spoke about the “crime on the Polish economy” which, in his opinion, was committed by PiS.

On Thursday, MPs voted in favor of adopting the parliamentary bill on the protection of energy consumers. Its provisions introduce an extension of the energy price freeze.

Electricity prices in 2024. There is a decision of the MPs

Klaudia Jachira from the Green party, the Civic Coalition club, and Miłosz Motyka from the PSL-Trzecia Droga club, spokesman for the People’s Party, talked about how to ensure the cheapest energy possible in the “#BezKitu Campaign” on TVN24.

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Jachira: we need to fix what has been constantly broken for the last eight years

Jachira said that the solution to cheap energy is to “fix what has been constantly broken for the last eight years.” – It has to be done in a few simple steps. Of course, we need to unlock energy from wind on land, she said.

The MP said that “Polish national wind must provide Poles with national, clean, cheap energy, even four times cheaper than today.” She added that “we are among the infamous leaders when it comes to smog in Poland.”

– Besides, of course, we need to invest in photovoltaics. We need to make it easier for people. It is also necessary to facilitate a complete, exemplary transformation and thermal modernization of entire buildings, Jachira continued. She also added that it is very important to ensure transmission networks.

Motyka about the “crime on the Polish economy”

Motyka, however, said that “it is very important that we finally start thinking about the economy as a system of communicating vessels.” – If we talk about demography, we think about the labor market and then about pensions. When we talk about energy, we are talking about climate and health. About that, unfortunately Law and Justice it neither spoke nor – what’s worse – it didn’t think for years. It committed a crime on the Polish economy, because unfortunately today we have a very energy-intensive economy – said the spokesman PSL.

The politician also said that “we have the worst air quality in Europe.” He said it was “eight years of neglect.”

He also referred to the issue of windmills and their distance from households. – I don’t know what lobbyist wrote Marek Suski on the paper a few minutes before submitting the amendment 700 meters (distance – ed.), not 500, which de facto excluded a large part of Poland from the possibility of building windmills in Poland. So it was just a crime. I call it a crime against the climate and the Polish economy, added Motyka.

The PSL spokesman was asked whether it was true that he was to be a deputy minister in the Ministry of Climate. – I do not confirm, I do not deny, all these decisions will be presented next week – he replied. However, he admitted that this topic was within his interests and was also related to his education. – So it is possible that there will be an opportunity to implement your program here – he added.

Questions to politicians were asked by representatives of the young generation present in the studio: Maria Januszczyk, member of the Polish Initiative and the Animal Lawyers Association, Paweł Nogal from Generation 2050, Julia Gorczowska from the Impuls Foundation and Katarzyna Dziubiel from the Young Left.

Motyka: we need to start thinking about the economy as a system of communicating vesselsTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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