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How to stay safe during a storm?

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A sudden deterioration of the weather can be dangerous even when it happens at home. Before and during the storm, we should remember a few rules to ensure the safety of ourselves and our property. Watch the special TVN24 animation.

On Monday, storms blew through parts of Poland. Strong wind gusts, sometimes reaching over 100 kilometers per hour, resulted in the death of five people and caused serious damage in Podhale.

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Safe in the storm. The most important rules

How to stay safe during a storm? First of all, you should take appropriate steps before the wind arrives. When gusts begin to increase and the sky darkens, we should close windows and doors and secure items that may be blown away by the wind. In such a situation, it is worth having a charged phone at hand – it will help you follow messages from the services and media, especially the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management and the Government Center for Security. We should also remember to re-park the car so that it is not parked under a tree.

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It is best not to leave the house during a storm, but if bad weather catches us outside, the first step should be to look for a safe shelter. Under no circumstances should you stop under trees – strong winds may break off branches or even overturn the entire trunk.

Once the weather outside calms down, we can go outside and assess the damage caused by the storm. If a dangerous incident has occurred in our area, you should immediately contact the services and try to help the injured. However, when providing help, we should pay attention to the surroundings – there may be damaged electric wires or branches at risk of breaking around us. In the event of a leak in the gas installation, it is worth turning off the gas supply – if it is safe to do so – and contacting a gas emergency service.

How to stay safe during a storm? Watch the special animation:

Safety during a stormTVN24

Safety rules during a stormRCB

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