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How to survive a hot night? 20 ways

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An exhausting hot day followed by a very warm night during which it is difficult to fall asleep. In the summer, we face time and time again circumstances that do not allow us to regenerate. What to do to relax after a hot day? Here are some practical tips.

A heat wave has reached Poland. At its peak, temperatures could reach as high as 34 degrees Celsius. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management covered almost all of Poland with second-degree warnings due to heatwaves. In the near future, we will also experience tropical nights, i.e. nights during which the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees Celsius. The human body has a harder time regenerating in such conditions.

Tips for a hot night

As Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep expert, points out in an interview with “The Independent”, the optimal temperature in the bedroom is from 16 to 21 degrees Celsius. In summer, the minimum temperature is often much higher, which is why the British daily, after talking to experts, presented 20 solutions that will make it easier for us to fall asleep and rest during a very warm night.

1. In the morning, close and cover the windows. Open them only in the evening, after sunset, because then the temperature will be lower.

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2. Sleep in pajamas made of natural, breathable materials, such as cotton or linen. Also use bedding made of such fabrics.

3. Putting your pajamas in the fridge or dampening them with water may help you sleep better.

4. Before you go to bed, also cool your bedding in the fridge or freezer. If you don't have enough space in them, just put pillowcases..

5. Take a cool, but not cold, bath before bed. Water that is too cold will make your shocked body want to retain heat.

6. Before going to bed, rinse your wrists and feet with cold water.

7. Before going to bed, moisturize your skin with an aloe-based cream. It's best to keep it in the fridge.

8. Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and take it to bed with you.

9. About an hour before going to bed, place a wet flannel cloth in the refrigerator and place it on your forehead as you fall asleep.

10. Fill a spray bottle with cold water and moisten your face, neck and knee area whenever you feel the need to cool down.

11. Place a container filled with ice in front of the fan. This will allow the running device to cool the room even more.

12. Turn off all electrical appliances in the bedroom as they emit heat.

13. Avoid exercising in the evening to prevent your body from overheating.

14. Eat spicy foods at least three hours before going to bed. This time should allow your body to cool down before you lie down.

15. Don't eat too much protein as it can increase your metabolic rate and make you hot.

16. Hydrate regularly during the day, but before going to bed, it is enough to drink about half a liter of water. This will keep you hydrated and prevent the need to go to the toilet at night.

17. Expose your feet while sleeping. You can rest them on a bag of ice.

18. If you wake up during the night, rub a mentholated product, such as a stick, on your forehead to cool yourself down.

19. If possible, sleep on the ground floor or as low as possible.

20. The best choice on hot nights is to sleep alone. Two bodies in bed produce more heat.

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