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How will Andrzej Duda cooperate with the new government? “Not only political will is important”

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The president exercises power – which is most clearly visible when he vetoes bills or refers them to the Constitutional Tribunal before signing them. The president’s role is also large when he has to designate the prime minister.

Cezary Tomczyk, as a government spokesman, worked with Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. He remembers the situation when Andrzej Duda did not want to shake the hand of the incumbent prime minister. During the ceremony at Westerplatte, the president turned and left when Prime Minister Kopacz approached the gathered guests. After eight years, Andrzej Duda will have to coabitate again. How will he behave? – I would really like President Duda to break free from these PiS clutches and behave like the first person in the country – emphasizes Agnieszka Pomaska, a PO MP.

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The president’s greatest weapon is the right to veto or refer a bill – without a signature – to the Constitutional Tribunal. The new government is preparing not only a new budget, but also laws that are intended to prevent an increase in inflation or energy prices – a possible lack of signature may have very serious consequences. – I doubt there will be problems in the economic areas or the health care system. But such may appear, for example, during legislative changes in the area of ​​justice – says Dariusz Klimczak, PSL MP. It was the president who co-authored some of the changes in the judiciary, which now have to be undone in order to get money for the KPO. – If Mr. President has enough courage to say to patients, investors, entrepreneurs, local government officials, pensioners and the whole of Poland “I don’t care about you, I will block these laws”, then I congratulate you on such courage – says Izabela Leszczyna, MP AFTER.

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A booth about appointing a government: here the president has no role as a creatorTVN24

Many questions

The question is also what the president will do when a new law on abortion or the one on civil partnerships appears on his desk. The opposition clearly indicates that by voting for the opposition, the sovereign chose to also change the president’s policy. – What the president has done so far has been solely dictated by the interests of Law and Justice. With one exception. He behaved really wisely and with dignity in the Ukraine case, notes Andrzej Szejna, MP from the New Left.

The presidential website says: yes, cooperation, but it also emphasizes that the president will want to cooperate wherever possible, and with people who want to cooperate. – The worst thing is if it becomes one big handbrake on the government. I can’t imagine this – admits Paulina Hennig-Kloska, MP for Poland 2050. History knows such cases – the opposition resembles, for example, the fight for the chair, i.e. the conflict between President Kaczyński and Prime Minister Tusk over who will represent the country at the summits in Brussels. Barbara Labuda remembers the difficult cooperation between President Kwaśniewski and the government of Jerzy Buzek, but there is only one recipe for good cooperation. – Not only political will is important, but also human will. Good will for cooperation on both sides – emphasizes former minister in the office of President Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

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