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Hrubieszow. A section of the road collapsed on one of the streets. Experts say that there is a system of tunnels under the city

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The asphalt collapsed on one of the streets in Hrubieszów (Lubelskie Voivodeship). The hole is 2.5 meters deep. Although the direct cause of the sinkhole is a leak in the sanitary sewage system, experts say that under the city there is a system of tunnels from centuries ago, which “reminds of itself” from time to time.

– It’s about three meters long and two meters wide. The depth is two and a half meters – says Krzysztof Tomasik, acting director of the Poviat Road Administration in Hrubieszów.

It’s about the sinkhole that was created on Monday (May 1) on Narutowicza Street in Hrubieszów.

The hole is two and a half meters deep Krzysztof Tomasik

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They had information that the asphalt was beginning to crack. The next day there was a sinkhole

– The day before we had information that the asphalt was cracking in this place. Our worker went there and put up safety bollards. Drivers avoided this part of the road. And that’s where the collapse of the pavement occurred. Fortunately, no one was hurt, he added.

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Preliminary findings show that the direct cause of the asphalt collapse was a leak in the sanitary sewage system. The water seeping from it washed away the ground, creating a void between the asphalt and the soil.

There is an “underground city” near Hrubieszów

– The washed out earth flowed deeper and probably reached the Hrubieszów underground. That is, a system of tunnels that stretch under the city center, and maybe even under a much larger area of ​​the city – says Bartłomiej Bartecki, director of the Museum of Fr. Stanisław Staszic in Hrubieszów, who was also there.

Water seeps in there Krzysztof Tomasik

He adds that there are various hypotheses about the origin of the tunnels. – One of the legends says that they were built in the 15th century, another that in the 17th century, when Hrubieszów was struggling with Cossack raids. The fact is that the underground existed in the 18th century. They were built for defensive purposes. In this way, the inhabitants protected themselves and their belongings from the invader, and in the event of danger, they moved through these tunnels – he says.

He points out that the underground was also used by shopkeepers as warehouses where various types of products were stored.

– You can say that there was an “underground city” in Hrubieszów, which unfortunately no one has ever inventoried. Today, we have a memento of it in the form of sinkholes that appear from time to time in various places, especially in the city center – says Bartecki.

Regionalist: the underground reminds you of itself again

Łukasz Krawczyk, a regionalist and researcher of the city’s history, wrote on the Facebook profile Stary Hrubieszów – Old Hrubieszow that the underground “reminds me timidly of itself again”.

The water washed away the ground, leaving a void between the asphalt and the soilKrzysztof Tomasik

“It would be amazing if such situations resulted in appropriate research and analysis that would help us better understand the past and thus take better care of the future … But not in this world” – he said.

Main photo source: Krzysztof Tomasik

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