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humniska. The postman rushed to the aid of a lonely old woman

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He had come to deliver a letter to her, but the woman was not at the window as usual. Concerned, he entered the house and found an old lady lying on the floor next to the tiled stove. Jakub Drożdżal, a postman from Brzozów, did not hesitate for a moment and rushed to help the elderly woman.

The event took place at the turn of February and March, but the Polish Post told this story only now. Jakub Drożdżal has been working as a postman for 10 years. On that day, as always, he went to the area and started delivering parcels, this time in Humniska in the Brzozów district, which he served as a substitute. When he had delivered all the parcels, he headed for the house of an elderly woman who lived alone, to whom he was to deliver the letter.

– I had a registered letter to deliver and when I was walking up the stairs to this property I noticed that “grandma” was not there. Mostly she sat on the bed, by the window, she was clearly visible – says Mr. Jakub.

He opened the door and called out to the woman. – Nobody answered. I went down the stairs to the basement, because she could prepare fuel – says the postman.

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And there was no woman there, and no one answered Mr. Jakub’s calls.

“I went back upstairs and went into the kitchen and found ‘grandma’ lying under the tiled stove,” said the man who called for medical help.

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“If it wasn’t for the vigilance and empathy of Mr. Jakub, her mother might already be dead”

The letter was delivered to the woman by the postman Jakub Drożdżal the next day. He was picked up by the senior’s daughter. – She thanked for help and said that if not for the vigilance and empathy of Mr. Jakub, her mother might not be alive. On the day of the accident, probably no one else would have come to see her. Her daughter visited her and brought her lunch, but she always did it around noon. These long hours, during which the old lady would not receive help, could be deadly for her, points out Daniel Witowski, the spokesman for Poczta Polska.

– This lady is an elderly person, lonely. If I didn’t get interested, didn’t come into the house, she could lie until the next day – says the postman.

“Help and empathy are part of the catalog of the noblest human behaviors”

– We are extremely proud of Mr. Jakub. Selfless help and empathy are part of the catalog of the noblest human behaviors. We try to reward such values ​​in Poczta Polska. The attitude of our postman proves the important role postmen play in local communities. They are close to people, they know their customers, which has already saved people’s lives many times – said Krzysztof Falkowski, president of Poczta Polska.

However, Jakub emphasizes that he does not feel like a hero. “Any other bystanders would have called for help,” he says.

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Jakub Drożdżal, a postman from Brzozów, helped a senior in needPolish Post

Main photo source: Polish Post

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