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Hungarian media: The Catholic Church invests public money in hotels

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In recent years, the Catholic Church in Hungary has spent a total of 12.1 billion forints (PLN 135.5 million) of public money on hotel investments, the 24.hu portal reported.

“The church is active in the hotel industry in various areas, from wellness to sports hotels,” the portal reported. Investments undertaken by several dioceses and orders in recent years were made possible thanks to government aid, he added.

Media: The Catholic Church in Hungary invests in hotels

The money was to be spent on the purchase of real estate, renovation and expansion of buildings.

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According to the website, in most of the cases examined, it was about doing business in secular tourism. “One of the dioceses opened a sports hotel next to the football stadium,” noted 24.hu. However, there were opposite cases when the hotel was converted for religious purposes, he added.

The portal lists examples of church investments, among others: a four-star hotel in Dobogoko north of Budapest opened by the Jesuits, a hotel in Koszeg in the west of the country opened by the Benedictine monks, a property in Veszprem or a hotel in Esztergom in the north of the country.

Viktor Orban’s government devotes significant funds to the renovation of churches. As the media point out, he considers the Church to be his “natural ally”, therefore he provides it with financial support “to the fullest extent possible.”

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