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Hungary. 2nd round of the opposition primaries of the candidate for prime minister

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The opposition primaries are running for the second round in Hungary. The vote is to select the united opposition candidate for prime minister in next year’s parliamentary elections. Klara Dobrev from the Democratic Coalition and independent politician Peter Marki-Zay are fighting for the office.

Votes can be cast until October 16 at designated points throughout the country. The results are to be announced next Sunday.

On Friday, he withdrew from the competition the mayor of Budapest Gergely Karacsony, who in the first round took second place behind Klara Dobrev. He supported the conservative Marki-Zay (third in the first round) representing the social organization – the Movement of Common Hungary (MMM), who was also supported by the liberal Momentum party.


Gergely Karacsony will not fight for the office of prime minister Reuters

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Dobrev’s Strengths and Weaknesses

The 49-year-old MEP Dobrev, who won 35 percent of the vote in the first round of the primary election, is a lawyer by profession. He speaks Bulgarian, Russian, English and German.

Her weak point – according to political scientists – is that she is married to former socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsanya, who had to step down in 2009 following public protests when a tape leaked of his own government: “We’ve done this. (…) Yet no government in Europe has collapsed like us. () We lied in the morning, at night and in the evening. “

Dobrev would like to change the provisions of the constitution, to which the conservative Fidesz amended during his rule.

Klara Dobrev won in the first round of the primary elections PAP / EPA

Peter Marki-Zay’s start

49-year-old Marki-Zay is an economist by profession. He is a practicing Catholic and has seven children. He became known in 2018 when, as a candidate of all opposition formations, he unexpectedly won the elections in the city of Hodmezoevasarhely in the south of the country where Fidesz has ruled for decades.

He lived in the USA and Canada for five years. He used to be a supporter of Fidesz, but now he claims that since 2010 he has not found his way in the politics of this party.

The start of Marki-Zay in the second round of the opposition primaries as the only opponent of Klara Dobrev is a surprise, also for Prime Minister Viktor Orban. So far, the government has conducted a campaign directed mainly against Dobrev and Karacsony. He initiated, among others the petition “Stop Gyurcsany! Stop Karacsony!” signed by over a million people.

Peter Marki-ZayPAP / EPA

Alliance concluded before the elections

This year, the six largest opposition parties – the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), Jobbik, the environmental party Polityka May Be Different, the liberal Momentum, the Democratic Coalition (KD) and the liberal-ecological Dialogue – decided to form an alliance for the first time before the parliamentary elections in spring. 2022.

The first round of the opposition primaries on 18-28 September selected one opposition candidate in each of the 106 single-member constituencies and three politicians who were to take part in the second round of primaries for the candidate for prime minister.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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