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Hungary. After the resignation of Judit Varga as Minister of Justice, Hungary has no women in the government

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After the resignation of Judit Varga from the position of justice minister, Hungary is the only country in the European Union in which there is not a single woman in the government, Euronews writes on Tuesday. However, the president of Hungary is a woman, Katalin Novak.

Varga announced her departure from the government in June, but the official resignation took place on Monday evening. She was the head of the ministry from 2019, taking an active part in the conflict and then negotiations with the European Commission regarding blocked EU funds. Bence Tuzson took her place.

The government with the most women

According to an analysis by Euronews, women currently lead 33% of ministries in the European Union.

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The largest number of women in ministerial seats (excluding heads of government, deputy ministers and secretaries of state) sit in the new government Finland; women occupy 2/3 of all such positions.

At least half of the ministries are headed by women in countries like NetherlandsSpain, BelgiumPortugal and Austria. As the portal notes, the governments of the Netherlands and Spain however, will change in the near future.

After the resignation of Judit Vargi as Minister of Justice, Hungary is the only country in the European Union without women in governmentOLIVIER MATTHYS/EPA/PAP

The fewest women in key positions

The fewest women (below 15%) manage ministries in Malta, the Czech Republic and Poland, with Hungary closing the list.

However, the president of Hungary is a woman, Katalin Novak. It was elected by the parliament in 2022. The economist and lawyer was a candidate of the ruling conservative party Fidesz in Hungary.

Katalin Novak, President of HungaryCTK Photo/Katerina Sulova/PAP

According to the portal of Radio Free Europe, there were no women in governments in Hungary in 1992-1994, 2009-2010 and 2014-2018. The “Post-Communist Summits for Gender Equality” took place in 2002, 2006 and 2018.

Between 2002 and 2006, three women held ministerial positions in a left-wing government. In 2018, at the beginning of the third consecutive term of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, three women headed ministries. There was only one in the last government, i.e. Justice Minister Judit Varga. As of Monday, all ministries are headed by men.

Judit Varga is to lead Fidesz’s list in next year’s elections to the European Parliament.

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