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Hungary. “Bankrupt politicians” at the ceremony organized by Viktor Orban. “Isolation has become obvious”

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This is evidence of Viktor Orban’s clear isolation – such an opinion prevails after the latest initiative of the Hungarian prime minister. He invited foreign politicians to celebrate the most important Hungarian national holiday. And who showed up? As the commentators say – mainly “bankrupt” and “unknown” politicians appeared. Attention is also drawn to the ostentatious avoidance of Hungary by, for example, Poland.

On Sunday, August 20, the day of Saint Stephen, Hungary’s patron saint, Viktor Orban invited his close friends to Budapest, as he put it. There were, among others, the president of Azerbaijan, former prime ministers of Austria and the Czech Republic, the emir of Qatar, the leader of one of the Russian republics – Tatarastan, and the presidents of Kyrgyzstan and Serbia. Most of these politicians are completely unknown in Europe and in Hungary itself, which is why there are comments that such guests are evidence of a diplomatic defeat. “Isolation became obvious: Orban met with bankrupt politicians such as former Czech and Slovenian prime ministers, while current EU leaders, including leaders of the V4 countries – especially Poles – ostentatiously avoided Hungary,” wrote Lóránt Győri in the Hungarian daily Népszava , an analyst at Political Capital.

However, it must be admitted that Viktor Orban also achieved some success – Recep Erdogan was by far the most important guest in Budapest over the weekend. The two politicians are supposed to have close relations. Hungary and Turkey held a united front against the recent NATO enlargement, and are the only countries that still have not ratified Sweden’s accession to the Alliance.

Orban publicly supported Erdogan ahead of the May presidential election, and now the Hungarian energy company MVM has signed a contract with Turkey’s BOTAS for the supply of natural gas. For the first time, Türkiye will send oil to a non-neighbouring country. – This is indeed an alliance that can help Orbán. But of course it is one country. Big, serious, but also in a huge crisis. Erdogan may have won the election, but that does not change the causes of the crisis that is there. Huge inflation, economic crisis. So it is a very weak partner – says Professor Maciej Kisilowski from the Central European University in Vienna.

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Orban’s policy hit Hungarian students. They were cut off from the Erasmus programmeJakub Loska/Facts about the world TVN24 BiS

No partners?

Perhaps Orban extends a hand ready to cooperate to the south and east, because it is difficult for him to find people willing to talk in the west, in Europe. After the Article 7 procedure was launched against Hungary, there were voices in Brussels – so far isolated – that for this reason Budapest should not hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union. – Should we allow the Hungarian government to set the direction in the EU for six months, when it openly admits that it does not respect who we are and what values ​​we stand for? The European Parliament is only asking for a discussion on this subject, said Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, on 31 May.

For Viktor Orban, a more serious problem than the conflict with Brussels is the state of the economy. Hungary has been in recession for a year and has the highest inflation in the European Union. It is true that it has clearly decreased since January, but it is still as much as 17.5 percent. – Orban froze prices in Hungary before the elections. He had to defrost them after the election. The Hungarian finance minister came (and said – editor’s note) “Prime Minister, there is no money, they do not want to buy bonds”. unfrozen. And what? Inflation after the elections 25 percent – explains professor Sławomir Dudek.

However, most Hungarians do not blame their government for inflation. External factors, including the war in Ukraine, are indicated as the reason for the high prices.

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